Attachment And Reliance On Mortals


Attachment and reliance on Mortals

In this age and time, people prefer the friendship and love to humans than God. The reason for this is because they see God to be far away, when he is really close at hand. No one in this world knows us better than God since God is the knower of all hearts. He is the one that knows us well since he created us. He made us into the person we stand today. He knows our strengths and weaknesses.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]hir AMqrjwmI sB ibiD jwxY qw iksu pih AwiK suxweIAY ][/FONT]
har a(n)tharajaamee sabh bidhh jaanai thaa kis pehi aakh sunaaeeai ||
The Lord, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, knows all about my state of mind; so who else should I go to and speak to?

Why attach ourselves to mortals when they cannot give anything for our soul. They are all in the same place as us – the worldly ocean. Will they help ferry us across? If they cannot save us, what use is their association then? Who did we originate from; the creation or creator? Who gave us this human life? Mortals don't have the power to do anything. They are under the power of God. What point is it attaching ourselves to humans when they can’t stay with us till the very end? There is no other except God, so who else is there?

God created us and he alone shall go with us. He is the one that personified us, so he knows us well than anybody else. From the beginning God has cherished us and taken care of our well being. He is the one who keeps on giving us everything, who has given us life, who preserved from the fire of the womb, who fed us as a child, who gave us shelter, who gave us pleasure, etc. No mortal has the power to do this.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]AwKix joru cupY nh joru ][/FONT]
aakhan jor chupai neh jor ||
No power to speak, no power to keep silent.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]joru n mMgix dyix n joru ][/FONT]
jor n ma(n)gan dhaen n jor ||
No power to beg, no power to give.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]joru n jIvix mrix nh joru ][/FONT]
jor n jeevan maran neh jor ||
No power to live, no power to die.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]joru n rwij mwil min soru ][/FONT]
jor n raaj maal man sor ||
No power to rule, with wealth and occult mental powers.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]joru n surqI igAwin vIcwir ][/FONT]
jor n surathee giaan veechaar ||
No power to gain intuitive understanding, spiritual wisdom and meditation.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]joru n jugqI CutY sMswru ][/FONT]
jor n jugathee shhuttai sa(n)saar ||
No power to find the way to escape from the world.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]ijsu hiQ joru kir vyKY soie ][/FONT]
jis hathh jor kar vaekhai soe ||
He alone has the Power in His Hands. He watches over all.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]nwnk auqmu nIcu n koie ]33][/FONT]
naanak outham neech n koe ||33||
O Nanak, no one is high or low. ||33||

If we didn’t seek the protection and love of God while on earth, why would God care to hear our wailing when we die? Instead we will be seen as cheaters. We didn’t think of the creator who personified us and took care of us while alive but when we die without our companions that is when we seek his help. God does everything for our well being. There was nothing he has ever done in hatred to us because God is without hate. It is only us who fails to show love. After all that God has done for us, what more could we want.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]AstpdI ]
asattapadhee ||[/FONT]


[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]ds bsqU ly pwCY pwvY ][/FONT]
dhas basathoo lae paashhai paavai ||
He obtains ten things, and puts them behind him;

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]eyk bsqu kwrin ibKoit gvwvY ][/FONT]
eaek basath kaaran bikhott gavaavai ||
for the sake of one thing withheld, he forfeits his faith.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]eyk BI n dyie ds BI ihir lyie ][/FONT]
eaek bhee n dhaee dhas bhee hir laee ||
But what if that one thing were not given, and the ten were taken away?

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]qau mUVw khu khw kryie ][/FONT]
tho moorraa kahu kehaa karaee ||
Then, what could the fool say or do?

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]ijsu Twkur isau nwhI cwrw ][/FONT]
jis t(h)aakur sio naahee chaaraa ||
Our Lord and Master cannot be moved by force.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]qw kau kIjY sd nmskwrw ][/FONT]
thaa ko keejai sadh namasakaaraa ||
Unto Him, bow forever in adoration.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]jw kY min lwgw pRBu mITw ][/FONT]
jaa kai man laagaa prabh meet(h)aa ||
That one, unto whose mind God seems sweet

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]srb sUK qwhU min vUTw ][/FONT]
sarab sookh thaahoo man voot(h)aa ||
all pleasures come to abide in his mind.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]ijsu jn Apnw hukmu mnwieAw ][/FONT]
jis jan apanaa hukam manaaeiaa ||
One who abides by the Lord's Will,

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]srb Qok nwnk iqin pwieAw ]1][/FONT]
sarab thhok naanak thin paaeiaa ||1||
O Nanak, obtains all things. ||1||

If we give our mind to Guru ji, all our desires/hopes will be fulfilled. If we put our entire reliance and faith in Guru ji, all actions will come to avail. We cannot put our legs in two boats. Seeking others help shows our lack of faith in Guru Ji. It shows our lack of believe that God is all power the fulfiller of everyone’s desires. By attaching ourselves to this world, only leaves pain in the end because it is like the shadow of a tree that passes by. Once it passes by, what do we have now? The reason why manmukhs are banished to hell is because in the afterlife everything is truth and love. Since they didn’t attach themselves to this, there is no place for them to go except hell. They go to where they attached their mind to. If we attach ourselves to God, we will go to where he originates. If there was still double-mindedness; duality, we have to return to this world because of our attachment to Maya.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]rwmklI mhlw 5 ][/FONT]
raamakalee mehalaa 5 ||
Raamkalee, Fifth Mehla:

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]ibrQw Brvwsw lok ][/FONT]
birathhaa bharavaasaa lok ||
Reliance on mortal man is useless.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]Twkur pRB qyrI tyk ][/FONT]
t(h)aakur prabh thaeree ttaek ||
O God, my Lord and Master, You are my only Support.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]Avr CUtI sB Aws ][/FONT]
avar shhoottee sabh aas ||
I have discarded all other hopes.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]AicMq Twkur Byty guxqws ]1][/FONT]
achi(n)th t(h)aakur bhaettae gunathaas ||1||
I have met with my carefree Lord and Master, the treasure of virtue. ||1||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]eyko nwmu iDAwie mn myry ][/FONT]
eaeko naam dhhiaae man maerae ||
Meditate on the Name of the Lord alone, O my mind.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]kwrju qyrw hovY pUrw hir hir hir gux gwie mn myry ]1] rhwau ][/FONT]
kaaraj thaeraa hovai pooraa har har har gun gaae man maerae ||1|| rehaao ||
Your affairs shall be perfectly resolved; sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, O my mind. ||1||Pause||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]qum hI kwrn krn ][/FONT]
thum hee kaaran karan ||
You are the Doer, the Cause of causes.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]crn kml hir srn ][/FONT]
charan kamal har saran ||
Your lotus feet, Lord, are my Sanctuary.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]min qin hir EhI iDAwieAw ][/FONT]
man than har ouhee dhhiaaeiaa ||
I meditate on the Lord in my mind and body.
[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]
Awnµd hir rUp idKwieAw ]2][/FONT]

aana(n)dh har roop dhikhaaeiaa ||2||
The blissful Lord has revealed His form to me. ||2||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]iqs hI kI Et sdIv ][/FONT]
this hee kee outt sadheev ||
I seek His eternal support;

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]jw ky kIny hY jIv ][/FONT]
jaa kae keenae hai jeev ||
He is the Creator of all beings.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]ismrq hir krq inDwn ][/FONT]
simarath har karath nidhhaan ||
Remembering the Lord in meditation, the treasure is obtained.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]rwKnhwr indwn ]3][/FONT]
raakhanehaar nidhaan ||3||
At the very last instant, He shall be your Savior. ||3||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]srb kI ryx hovIjY ][/FONT]
sarab kee raen hoveejai ||
Be the dust of all men's feet.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]Awpu imtwie imlIjY ][/FONT]
aap mittaae mileejai ||
Eradicate self-conceit, and merge in the Lord.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]Anidnu iDAweIAY nwmu ][/FONT]
anadhin dhhiaaeeai naam ||
Night and day, meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]sPl nwnk iehu kwmu ]4]33]44][/FONT]
safal naanak eihu kaam ||4||33||44||
O Nanak, this is the most rewarding activity. ||4||33||44||

All attachment and reliance should be on Guru Sahib. Our Guru is always there with open arms ready to embrace us with love but we always lack the love to show it in return. When we become amritdhari’s our Guru is literally always with us. He sees how much love we show back to him but we carelessly waste our time forgetting about the promise we made to him the day we gave our head.

If we were able to see Guru Sahib standing with us, how would we act? What will we do differently? Would we be more careful about the wrong actions we take in our day-to-day lives? Surely if everyone could see Guru Sahib with them, they will never waste any second of theirs. All their time away from work would be spent on naam and Gurbani abhiyaas.

Useless talking with mortals

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]kbIr jI Gru 1[/FONT]
kabeer jee ghar 1
Kabeer Jee, First House:

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]<> siqgur pRswid ][/FONT]
ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]sMqu imlY ikCu sunIAY khIAY ][/FONT]
sa(n)th milai kishh suneeai keheeai ||
When you meet a Saint, talk to him and listen.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]imlY AsMqu msit kir rhIAY ]1][/FONT]
milai asa(n)th masatt kar reheeai ||1||
Meeting with an unsaintly person, just remain silent. ||1||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]bwbw bolnw ikAw khIAY ][/FONT]
baabaa bolanaa kiaa keheeai ||
O father, if I speak, what words should I utter?

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]jYsy rwm nwm riv rhIAY ]1] rhwau ][/FONT]
jaisae raam naam rav reheeai ||1|| rehaao ||
Speak such words, by which you may remain absorbed in the Name of the Lord. ||1||Pause||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]sMqn isau boly aupkwrI ][/FONT]
sa(n)than sio bolae oupakaaree ||
Speaking with the Saints, one becomes generous.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]mUrK isau boly JK mwrI ]2][/FONT]
moorakh sio bolae jhakh maaree ||2||
To speak with a fool is to babble uselessly. ||2||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]bolq bolq bFih ibkwrw ][/FONT]
bolath bolath badtehi bikaaraa ||
By speaking and only speaking, corruption only increases.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]ibnu boly ikAw krih bIcwrw ]3][/FONT]
bin bolae kiaa karehi beechaaraa ||3||
If I do not speak, what can the poor wretch do? ||3||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]khu kbIr CUCw Gtu bolY ][/FONT]
kahu kabeer shhooshhaa ghatt bolai ||
Says Kabeer, the empty pitcher makes noise,

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]BirAw hoie su kbhu n folY ]4]1][/FONT]
bhariaa hoe s kabahu n ddolai ||4||1||
but that which is full makes no sound. ||4||1||

The shabad above clearly sums up how useless talk increases corruption and thus takes us further away from God. However for those that spend their time on naam and Gurbani abhiyaas automatically don’t talk because their mind is always attuned to God. The need of talking will no longer exist. Corruption only increases since we are not staying on guard, watchful of our actions, therefore the 5 evils can easily loot our virtue away. Gurbani and naam is what satisfies us which is why Guru ji said those who talk a lot are like an empty pitcher. They are empty inside because maya doesn’t give anything to our soul but just creates more separation from God.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]swcI pRIiq hm qum isau jorI ][/FONT]
saachee preeth ham thum sio joree ||
I am joined in true love with You, Lord.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]qum isau joir Avr sMig qorI ]3][/FONT]
thum sio jor avar sa(n)g thoree ||3||
I am joined with You, and I have broken with all others. ||3||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]jh jh jwau qhw qyrI syvw ][/FONT]
jeh jeh jaao thehaa thaeree saevaa ||
Wherever I go, there I serve You.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]qum so Twkuru Aauru n dyvw ]4][/FONT]
thum so t(h)aakur aour n dhaevaa ||4||
There is no other Lord Master than You, O Divine Lord. ||4||

Wherever we go there is only God. We should be ready to serve God all the time. By attaching yourself to Gurbani and naam, you will break the bonds with mortals.

When people go to the Gurdwara it often becomes a social place for them to meet with their friends. We take our mind away from Guru Sahib and focus our mind on our friends. We forget the purpose of coming to the Gurdwara which is to the meet our Guru. When we see Sri Guru Granth sahib ji, what do we see; a book or our living Guru? The form of Sri Guru Granth sahib doesn’t determine whether it is living or non-living. Sri Guru Granth sahib ji has the same light that existed in our human form Guru’s. Therefore it should be treated exactly the same.

Loving attachment to spouse or before marriage

If you found out you were going to die in a few seconds, how would you react? Will you suddenly then realize that all loving attachment we created was false because we are going to die soon. If we are not married and we found out we are not going to get married will be stop thinking about the opposite gender. We should avoid attaching ourselves to the opposite gender because there is a chance we could never get married. From what Daas has learnt from this world is that attachment to maya only leaves pain and exhaustion in the end.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]Ab hm clI Twkur pih hwir ][/FONT]
ab ham chalee t(h)aakur pehi haar ||
Now, I have come, exhausted, to my Lord and Master.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]jb hm srix pRBU kI AweI rwKu pRBU BwvY mwir ]1] rhwau ][/FONT]
jab ham saran prabhoo kee aaee raakh prabhoo bhaavai maar ||1|| rehaao ||
Now that I have come seeking Your Sanctuary, God, please, either save me, or kill me. ||1||Pause||

We should all prepare ourselves for death so that we may not have to die again. Even though we are not dead but if we are in love with maya mentally we are dead. Love with our spouse in this world is totally false. As Sikhs we do not believe in soul mates which is why our Guru encouraged widows to re-marry. The purpose of marriage is solely to bring us closer to God. If love with our spouse is not false then why does Guru Sahib countless times say:

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]mwq ipqw klqR suq bylI nwhI ibnu hir rs mukiq n kInw hy ]10][/FONT]
maath pithaa kalathr suth baelee naahee bin har ras mukath n keenaa hae ||10||
Mother, father, spouse and child - none is anyone's friend in the end. Without the Lord's Love, no one is liberated. ||10||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]puqR klqRü mohu hyqu hY sBu duKu sbwieAw ][/FONT]
puthr kalathra mohu haeth hai sabh dhukh sabaaeiaa ||
Love and attachment to children and spouse is total misery and pain.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]mwq ipqw BweI suq binqw ihqu lwgo sB Pn kw ]1] rhwau ][/FONT]
maath pithaa bhaaee suth banithaa hith laago sabh fan kaa ||1|| rehaao ||
Love and attachment to mother, father, sibling, child and spouse, is all just an illusion. ||1||Pause||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]mwq ipqw binqw suq bMDp iest mIq Aru BweI ] pUrb jnm ky imly sMjogI AMqih ko n shweI ]1][/FONT]
maath pithaa banithaa suth ba(n)dhhap eisatt meeth ar bhaaee || poorab janam kae milae sa(n)jogee a(n)thehi ko n sehaaee ||1||
Mother, father, spouse, children, relatives, lovers, friends and siblings meet, having been associated in previous lives; but none of them will be your companion and support in the end. ||1||

If marriage was true then what happened to our spouse from previous lives? Where have they gone now? In this life they might have married some one else. When our spouse dies, we are no longer married to them which is why Guru sahib has said:

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]puqR klqR n sMig Dnw hir AivnwsI Ehu ][/FONT]
puthr kalathr n sa(n)g dhhanaa har avinaasee ouhu ||
Neither son, nor spouse, nor wealth shall go along with you-only the Eternal Lord.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]suq binqw Awpn nhI BweI ][/FONT]
suth banithaa aapan nehee bhaaee ||
Children, spouse and siblings are not yours.

Marriage in this world is temporal but marriage with God is permanent and true. Every thing in this world is complete false. Daas has never found ever-lasting happiness from this world. No matter how times Daas has searched for it has only made Daas feel upset and weary. When we search for love from the world, we are actually searching for God but God cannot be found outwardly but inwardly by attuning ourselves with naam.

When we see the opposite gender that we may admire we enjoy seeing their sight, being in their presence. It makes us feel happy. It increases our love for the mortal. But we are forgetting that this is only the creation, the creator is LIMITLESS!! Just like we are departed from our spouse for a long time we begin to miss them. But then how long have we not seen our Husband lord? How long have we been separated from God? For how long will we delay more time? Now is the chance to meet God so make most of it now. Mortals in this world are in love in maya and the pleasures of it but none have found the love of God. This is only the creation we feel in love with but imagine how great the vision, love, pleasure of God is. God is the creator he has made all we feel attached to.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]swcy swihbw ikAw nwhI Gir qyrY ][/FONT]
saachae saahibaa kiaa naahee ghar thaerai ||
O my True Lord and Master, what is there which is not in Your celestial home?

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]Gir q qyrY sBu ikCu hY ijsu dyih su pwvey ][/FONT]
ghar th thaerai sabh kishh hai jis dhaehi s paaveae ||
Everything is in Your home; they receive, unto whom You give.

Everything in this world can be found in naam. But the only difference is the pleasure, love; experience received from naam is limitless and far better. It is only the creation where we get enjoyment out of, so there must be something magnificent from the creator who created this. There must be something amazing from the creator. So, let us not get entangled in this false world but experience the love and pleasure of naam. Even those in Saach-khand are experiencing more and more enjoyment. Their pleasure never ends.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]Awsw Gru 3 mhlw 5[/FONT]
aasaa ghar 3 mehalaa 5
Aasaa, Third House, Fifth Mehla:

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]<> siqgur pRswid ][/FONT]
ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]rwj imlk jobn igRh soBw rUpvMqu juoAwnI ][/FONT]
raaj milak joban grih sobhaa roopava(n)th juoaanee ||
Power, property, youth, household, fame and the beauty of youth;

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]bhuqu drbu hsqI Aru GoVy lwl lwK bY AwnI ][/FONT]
bahuth dharab hasathee ar ghorrae laal laakh bai aanee ||
great wealth, elephants, horses and jewels, purchased with tens of thousands of dollars;

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]AwgY drgih kwim n AwvY Coif clY AiBmwnI ]1][/FONT]
aagai dharagehi kaam n aavai shhodd chalai abhimaanee ||1||
hereafter, these shall be of no avail in the Court of the Lord; the proud must depart, leaving them behind. ||1||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]kwhy eyk ibnw icqu lweIAY ][/FONT]
kaahae eaek binaa chith laaeeai ||
Why center your consciousness on any other than the Lord?

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]aUTq bYTq sovq jwgq sdw sdw hir iDAweIAY ]1] rhwau ][/FONT]
oot(h)ath bait(h)ath sovath jaagath sadhaa sadhaa har dhhiaaeeai ||1|| rehaao ||
Sitting down, standing up, sleeping and waking, forever and ever, meditate on the Lord. ||1||Pause||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]mhw bicqR suMdr AwKwVy rx mih ijqy pvwVy ][/FONT]
mehaa bachithr su(n)dhar aakhaarrae ran mehi jithae pavaarrae ||
He may have the most wondrous and beautiful arenas, and be victorious on the field of battle.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]hau mwrau hau bMDau Cofau muK qy eyv bbwVy ][/FONT]
ho maaro ho ba(n)dhho shhoddo mukh thae eaev babaarrae ||
He may proclaim, ""I can kill anyone, I can capture anyone, and I can release anyone.""

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]AwieAw hukmu pwrbRhm kw Coif cilAw eyk idhwVy ]2][/FONT]
aaeiaa hukam paarabreham kaa shhodd chaliaa eaek dhihaarrae ||2||
But when the Order comes from the Supreme Lord God, he departs and leaves in a day. ||2||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]krm Drm jugiq bhu krqw krxYhwru n jwnY ][/FONT]
karam dhharam jugath bahu karathaa karanaihaar n jaanai ||
He may perform all sorts of religious rituals and good actions, but he does not know the Creator Lord, the Doer of all.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]aupdysu krY Awip n kmwvY qqu sbdu n pCwnY ][/FONT]
oupadhaes karai aap n kamaavai thath sabadh n pashhaanai ||
He teaches, but does not practice what he preaches; he does not realize the essential reality of the Word of the Shabad.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]nWgw AwieAw nWgo jwsI ijau hsqI Kwku CwnY ]3][/FONT]
naa(n)gaa aaeiaa naa(n)go jaasee jio hasathee khaak shhaanai ||3||
Naked he came, and naked he shall depart; he is like an elephant, throwing dust on himself. ||3||

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]sMq sjn sunhu siB mIqw JUTw eyhu pswrw ][/FONT]
sa(n)th sajan sunahu sabh meethaa jhoot(h)aa eaehu pasaaraa ||
O Saints, and friends, listen to me: all this world is false.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]myrI myrI kir kir fUby Kip Kip muey gvwrw ][/FONT]
maeree maeree kar kar ddoobae khap khap mueae gavaaraa ||
Continually claiming, ""Mine, mine"", the mortals are drowned; the fools waste away and die.

[FONT=GurbaniWebThick, GurbaniAkharHeavy]gur imil nwnk nwmu iDAwieAw swic nwim insqwrw ]4]1]38][/FONT]
gur mil naanak naam dhhiaaeiaa saach naam nisathaaraa ||4||1||38||
Meeting the Guru, O Nanak, I meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord; through the True Name, I am emancipated. ||4||1||38||

In conclusion, we should attach ourselves to the love of God so that we can free ourselves from bondage. Recognising this world to be a dream we detach ourselves from the illusion. If we really think like this, would be distinguish between happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain, gold and dust? The only thing that one achieves from maya is pain. Don’t regret the time wasted later; make the change in your life now.

by Singhni MiriPiri

Source: Naam Jor
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Very well explained, thanks for posting.

The only thing needed on our part is to read Gurbaani.