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Sikh News Atlast! Women Can Perform Kirtan At Harmandir Sahib


Sep 16, 2004
Women allowed to perform kirtan at Harmandar Sahib
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 8
Taking a historic decision, the SGPC today formally allowed women to perform shabad kirtan at the sanctum sanctorum of Harmandar Sahib. Women have also been allowed to do seva of Palki Sahib and the Parkarma.
The decisions were taken at a meeting of the advisory board held here today. The SGPC chief, Bibi Jagir Kaur, presided.
The decision to allow women to perform kirtan at the sanctum sanctorum would be discussed at the next meeting of the advisory board on religious matters of the SGPC. However, women will have to a adhere to a certain code of conduct while performing these duties.

A spokesman of the SGPC said here that the apex religious body of the Sikhs had never passed a resolution disallowing women from undertaking seva at Harmandar Sahib. Those women who adhered to the rules and regulations made as a part of the code of conduct could approach the SGPC for performing shabad kirtan at Harmandar Sahib.
The spokesman said that the advisory board would draw up a code of conduct regarding inter-caste marriages and inter-religion matters in gurdwaras abroad. A code of conduct would also be framed for carrying the Birs of Guru Granth Sahib abroad. Meanwhile, the SGPC has set up a committee to examine the thesis written by one Mr Gurdit Singh to obtain the PhD degree about the contribution of Satguru Jagjit Singh to music.
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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Better "Late" than "never"... Usnu bhulla na janneaiyeh jo shamee ghar murr aweh...He is not called LOST who returns home in the evening..

But i have a sneaky feeling this is "throwing crumbs" around to silence the critics and garner support.. There is loads wrong over there and needs a lot of reform... for example the Dharam Parchaar Committee SHOULD be getting the LIONS SHARE of the FUNDS...but it gets the LEAST ( and that also is all SWINDLED). Recently about 700 people applied for positions of Raagis/parcharaks/tabla players etc at the Sikh missionary Colleges of the SGPC..for ONLY 70 POSTS. Incredibly all the "posts" are SOLD to the Highest Bidder..and the qualified ones are told..You are too will ONLY disturb the rest of the class becasue you already know so much !!! THATS why our Ragais/kathawachaks/parchraks are NINCOMPOOPS....because Garbage in garbage OUT. Instead of taking in the BEST we take those who have the CASH..and about that there is a Punjabi proverb..Jinnah de ghar danneh unnah de Anneh wee SIANNEH...No wonder anneh..the BLIND are coming out of our "missionary colleges"..who jump at the chanvce to get aPR/Green card any which way theycan and migrate. sorry to be so blunt...i am never one to mince my words..

Jarnail Singh gyani

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