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    My name is Tanmeet and I am 18 years old. I came across a thinking that I can be wrong about and i just wanted to be sure.

    One of my friend he is sikh and a atheist. His friends are also atheist and sikh. My question is can a sikh be a atheist? A true one. According to me they can't because our religion, us as in sardar our turban our 5 k's were created By Guru Gobind Singh ji to whom we pray.
    So as a atheist they should not follow the 5 k's or wear a turban because all these things connect them to the God in some way or the other.
    I don't know if i am wrong or right. Please give some suggestions about this
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    Hello Tanmeet

    Have you asked your friend how he makes sense of Gurbani and maintains an atheist position?

    God according to Gurbani is not a personal God-character, man-in-the-sky divine being. It is creative force, hukam, the whole reality unfolding providentially. It's not a who, it's a what. It's the ocean and we are the fish. But it still is, and therefore Sikhi in my understanding is theistic at least in some small way. God in Sikhi may seem infinitely impersonal and distant to religions with personal, interfering god-characters, but God is still a big focus of Sikhi and therefore it's not atheistic.

    Anyone can look like a Sikh, but Sikhi is much more than the 5k's.

    Incidentally, why do you pray to Guru Gobind Singh Ji? That isn't mentioned in Gurbani. In Gurbani, actually, the focus is on God.

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