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    The film starts with a kid rowing his sailboat made by his elder brother till it goes down a drain , and when he tries to retrieve it a clown appears in the drain . Needless to say , the clown is the evil spirit . And it grabs the kid down the drain like it has grabbed so may kids are dead but who are floating in empty space down in the drain .

    His elder brother is part of the losers' group in school , and they are bullied regularly by the gang of bullies who are tall and lanky and real mean . But the losers' are joined by a goodlooking girl who entices by wearing exposing clothes like bikinis and has earned the reputation of a {censored} . But she actually is being sexually harassed by her own father and is a good person . Her looks reminded me of a young Nicole Kidman .

    Together the losers' group teams up to combat the town's menace---evil spirits what else . The bullies are after them too , and it is difficult to ascertain who is more fearsome---the bullies with their guns and sharp knives , or the evil spirit which keeps on reappearing as a clown which reveals extremely vicious teeth when it opens it's mouth to bite .

    The first half of the movie is real scary , with the evil spirit first appearing as a pair of shiny eyes that look real scary in the darkness before it fully manifests itself . But the second half is dragged too long and the movie goes almost to two and a half hours in length . In the end I was waiting for IT to get finished .

    Acting is good by everyone and photography and colours are okay . Background music is decent to give you the scares at the right time . I would have given three and a half stars had the movie been shorter , but the length of the movie made me reduce the points by half .

    Three stars out of five .
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