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Movies Ashdoc's Short Movie Review---Dil Dhadakne Do

Discussion in 'Theatre, Movies & Cinema' started by ashdoc, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. ashdoc

    ashdoc India
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    The setting of this movie is among the upper class punjabis who dominate Delhi's elite . Anil Kapoor plays a self made businessman who never forgets to trumpet that he is self made . Shefali Shah plays his much suffering wife .

    These elite probably consider themselves as the ones who are bringing India into the 21st century , but actually their morality is more like that of westerners in the first quarter of the 20th century . So the marriage between Anil Kapoor and his wife may not be going well , but divorce is out of question . They have to put up appearances of happy marriage for show purposes , though Shefali's friends make snide remarks behind the back as they know the truth...

    Similarly , women are allowed to wear partially exposing clothes ( sshh no bikinis though !! ) but sex before marriage is not really appreciated .
    And even the new generation cannot divorce....their daughter Priyanka Chopra's marriage with Rahul bose may be on the rocks , but she is firmly told that no one in the family has ever divorced....
    Indeed her childhood romance with the son ( Farhan Akhtar ) of the business manager of the family has been broken by sending him abroad for studies , as he was not considered equal in status .

    And the son ( Ranveer Singh ) is also a commodity to be sacrificed on the altar of the well being of business . His marriage is sought to be fixed with a beautiful girl ( Ridhima Sood ) who is daughter of a financial magnate as Anil Kapoor's business is in debt , even though Ridhima has begun to like the son of her father's business rival...

    But the younger generation has different ideas and they want to lead their lives differently . So Priyanka is secretly hell bent on divorce and wants to reunite with her past love . Ranveer is destined to fall in love with a muslim hailing from Birmingham in England ( Anushka Sharma )---a quick search on the net revealed that Birmingham has a large muslim population that is 74 % Pakistani....aha !! so the Pakistani angle is ever present as always to keep the audiences in the neighbouring country interested....
    Ridhima does not want to marry Ranveer....

    And all the characters are invited to a fabulous cruise off Istanbul in Turkey to celebrate the lead couple's anniversary . And what does happen on the cruise ship ?? The younger generation is going to rebel , what else...
    But how are they going to rebel ?? Watch the movie for that...

    Of all the ladies in the movie Anushka Sharma ( who plays a dancer on the cruise ship ) looked the most divine , especially when she swam like nymph in the swimming pool wearing swimsuit . Acting wise Priyanka Chopra expressions are superb . Anil Kapoor acts every inch like a business magnate.

    The movie does have some interesting moments and some entertainment , really . The twists and turns in the story mean that the party is spoiled for the older generation characters of the movie as some uncomfortable truths come out , but it is all for the better in the end . Photography is good too like it is always nowadays . Music is okay and songs are okay too . The movie will be appreciated by people in the cities and big towns , while rural folk will find the movie's setting a world apart from them...

    Verdict---good .
    Three stars .
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