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Ashdoc's Movie Review---the Strangers : Prey At Night


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011

A family goes to a trailer park for a short picnic , where they are supposed to meet their aunt and uncle who are already living there . The family consists of parents Mike ( Martin Henderson ) and Cindy ( Christina Hendricks ) , and children Luke ( Lewis Pullman ) and Kinsey ( Bailee Madison ) . But when they arrive they find that the whole area is dark and totally isolated , and that most of the trailers don't seem to have any life in them . They also do not find their relatives at least immediately , so they settle down in the trailer they have got keys for .

They receive a knock on their door and a girl whose face cannot be seen asks for somebody . Sometime later she again comes and asks for the same person . But the family tells her that they do not know the person and she goes away both times . As the teenaged son and daughter go out for a walk , we see that a person is stalking them at a distance . The son and daughter find a trailer with it's door invitingly open and go in , only to see that their relatives have been slashed with knives and are dead . The horror has begun .

Soon all the four are being stalked by masked psycho killers who have actually nothing to do with them except satisfy their own bloodlust . Just like the audience....we too have come to satisfy our lust to see knives slashing , axes clawing , blood dripping at least on celluloid haven't we.....and the film does satisfy our craving for such blood and gore entertainment upto a certain extent .

There are three masked killers , and they set to kill the family and the family has to run from trailer to trailer and from place to place in order to save themselves . Guns and shotguns are fired , sharp weapons stuck on live bodies , and axes welded to slaughter . A policeman who intervenes is killed too .

But the family does fight back , and soon the scores are evened by them striking death onto their killers . A deadly game of death goes on , and sometimes it is heavy for the heart . After several rounds of deathblows , some are left alive . But who are they , the victims or the perpetrators ? Watch the movie for the answers .

The movie does chill you with it's isolation and eerie dark atmosphere of the night , which is interrupted only by some popular old music being played by the murderers....which only adds to the eeriness . A vast area without much population is a splendid setting at night in darkness for a movie with mysterious killers hanging about with intent to murder . Some of the tricks seem old , but do give you some on the spot entertainment .

Photography and colours are decent , and background music is appropriate for the settings . Acting by everyone is appropriate too .

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .
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