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Ashdoc's Movie Review---sanju

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Ashdoc's Movie Review---sanju


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011
Sanju , the film on Bollywood film star Sanjay Dutt , touches upon two of the three controversies for which he is famous or rather notorious . One of them is his drug addiction , and the film shows in a no holds barred brutally honest manner as to how much he was addicted to drugs and upto what extent he went into the morass of drugs . The second controversy is obviously something that the film exonerates him from , for the film has been made with Dutt's co operation and tells his version of the story . That is the charge of terrorism . The film admits that he had received three AK 56 automatic rifles from the underworld , but claims that he had asked for them because his father was receiving death threats from unknown people due to his work of supplying relief material to muslims in riot affects areas of Mumbai . The film totally rejects that Sanjay had anything to do with the bomb blasts that rocked Mumbai in the same period .

The third controversy however is something that the film totally shirks from , and that is because Sanjay has no excuse for his unspeakable behaviour in it . And that is his callous treatment of his first wife Richa Sharma , whom he abandoned even though she needed him most when she had cancer . The daughter that he had with her named Trishala is not mentioned at all , and also left out is his second wife Rhea Pillai .

What is mentioned are the 308 women he bedded and what is shown is the gujarati speaking girlfriend resembling his one time love Tina Munim . Again , no mention of Madhuri Dixit who was on the verge of marriage with him when he got arrested under terrorist and disruptive activities act ( TADA ) . The one person who dominates the later part of the movie's proceedings is his current wife Manyata , who is played well by Dia Mirza .

Ranbir Kapoor plays Sanjay Dutt , and he plays his role well like the good actor that he is . Sanjay's mannerisms and his lingo is well copied by him as if it is the deadly Dutt who himself is acting out his younger self .

Two main things about Sanjay Dutt which were not known to me were brought out in the movie . For one , because of hobnobbing with the underworld far too much of the time , Dutt's lingo in real life is also of the underworld type . The other fact is that Sanjay Dutt hates the press and the media with real zest due to their hand in creating his notorious image .

Paresh Rawal plays Sanjay's father Sunil Dutt well and Manisha Koirala plays his mother Nargis nicely too , but this nice lady dies due to cancer while Sanjay is newly hooked onto drugs sold to Sanjay by a drugs peddler pretending to be Sanjay's friend---played by Jim Sarbh . Sanjay's lifelong friend is played by Vicky Kaushal , and he stays with him through thick and thin . They drift apart due to Dutt's suspected role in terrorism , but the film shows Dutt successfully proving to his friend that he was innocent of those charges thus reuniting with his friend---which essentially gives a nice emotional climax to the movie . The author of Sanjay's purported autobiography is played by Anushka Sharma and she has a role in bringing the two friends together again .

Of course , Sanjay admits that he is a bad boy and is frank about his life and his mistakes in the earlier part of the movie . Acting by Ranbir Kapoor makes Sanjay an endearing personality to be watched in the movie inspite of his misdemeanours . His travails due to drug addiction and his stint in jail all make for some raw watching of some tough situations .

Background music and photography wise , the movie is good and so are it's colours . I was hooked and entertained for a considerable part of the movie .

Verdict---Good .

Four stars out of five .

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