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Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---Ram Leela

Discussion in 'Theatre, Movies & Cinema' started by ashdoc, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. ashdoc

    ashdoc India
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    Ranjar---a town in Gujarat that is India's equivalent to Pakistan's barbaric north west frontier province in the art of violence ; a place with an endless supply of bullets , a place where manufacture of desi replicas of Kalashnikov rifles vies for attention with that of long range sniper rifles with telescopic sights , a place where the population drinks to excess , a place where people are rowdy and boisterous , and a place where they dance with a gusto that can only be matched by the abandon with which they press the trigger of their guns....

    Now from where did Sanjay Leela Bhansali get the idea of showing the pacific gujju dhoklo ( :grinningsingh: ) who does not even kill animals and eats vegetarian food as a trigger happy desperado who lives and breathes bullets ?? Gandhi must be turning in his grave to see a part of his state shown as a hotbed of such violence....

    Fortunately such a place exists only in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's mahafertile imagination and is not a reality.....

    And in such a land are two rival clans who are after each other's blood . Now the question is---how to make the story of a cinema out of this ??
    Simple---take one goodlooking person each from both clans and make them fall in love with each other , what else....

    .....And to make it more spicy make the two lovers smooch and kiss with intensity and heat , and take two actors ( Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone ) for the respective roles who make the intensity and heat look believable.....
    Yeah ,the two do inject some real uninhibited passion into their embraces making them the perfect choice for playing Ram and Leela/Romeo and Juliet---the two star crossed lovers....

    Ram is the brother of the head of one clan while Leela is the daughter of the head of the other....
    But it is set in the modern age of twitter and facebook---so is it a surprise that it begins more as physical desire for each other ??

    But before the lovers can elope , a fight occurs which results in deaths of kin on both sides---a fight which increases the enemity between the two sides....

    So the two clans are hardly going to forgive the elopement of Ram Leela and let them alone....
    They are captured and brought back , and the director puts and interesting twist to the story as they become heads of the rival clans....

    So do they stop loving each other or they continue to do so....

    Can they use their newfound power to bring sanity to the troubled land and make the people of Ranjar believe in peace ??

    Or are age old enemitys going to crush their lives ??

    Go and watch the movie for that ?? It wont be a bad outing....

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali does what he can do best---he dishes out a colourful cultural extravaganza that shows people dancing in vibrant colours , the colour red standing out the most....

    And when they dance with abandon wearing colourful clothes , it's a treat for the eyes....

    Acting by everyone is good , but Supriya Pathak is the one who stands head and shoulder above the others---she injects real evil and menace in her demeanor and voice as she plays godmother called Baa to perfection . Watch the utter ruthlessness as she crushes her daughter's finger with a betelnut crusher---though the camera moves away from the act to her face ( it gets splashed with blood ) at the last moment....

    Ranveer looks brawny and muscled and Deepika looks sensous---though she has serious competition from Priyanka Chopra who sizzles in an item number....

    Richa Chadda also plays her role with passion---passion in bed with her spouse and even better acting as the grieving widow who bats for peace and love even though she has lost own husband.....one question though---why can't she get remarried , especially because she has no children of her own ?? Indeed Deepika ( Leela ) asks her this very question and her answer is no---even in the age of twitter these people still live by outmoded customs and traditions about widows being unfit for remarriage....

    Barkha Bist as the sister in law of the other clan who as also lost her husband does play her role well too---the movie scores in the acting department....
    But Gulshan Devaiah as the turncoat villain who tries to kill Baa is only just about okay....

    Music is more worth seeing than listening---especially for the energy with which people of Ranjar dance on the music .

    What shines through is the hard work that the director , the cinematographer and the choreographer have put to film every scene . But the ending is disappointing---it is deliberately contrived to make the film a desi rendition of Romeo and Juliet and was totally unnecessary....It reduced my verdict of the film from good to only decent...

    The posters of the Hindu god Ram and other religious imagery has been excessively used in the film---no wonder the film has been banned in UP where devotion to Ram is greatest.....

    Inspite of these faults the film is worth a watch---for the showcasing of real Indian culture Gujarati style and for it's rich and vibrant colourful scenes...

    Verdict--decent .
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  3. spnadmin

    spnadmin United States
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    Jun 17, 2004
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    review from FakingNews :grinningkaur:

    Ram Leela on its way to break Sachin’s record of making maximum people cry

    by indianpsycho


    Mumbai. After failing to break any box-office records despite a shockingly good opening, Ram Leela is now eyeing another record to make up for the lost opportunity. The film is now on its way to break a record recently created by Sachin Tendulkar, of making maximum number of people cry through his speech, albeit a little differently.
    Ranveer and Deepika were the only people who laughed. Though its not sure if it they were laughing at the audience.

    Ranveer and Deepika were the only people who laughed. Though its not sure if it they were laughing at the audience.

    Experts claim the film has so far managed to make thousands of people LMAO (Lamenting their **** off) and ROFW (Rolling on the floor Weeping) through its storyline or rather the lack of it and is only few numbers away from breaking master’s record.

    While the film has already broken the record in Mumbai circuit that comprises of Gujarat and Suarashtra, experts claim it would be an uphill task for it to break the record in Delhi and East Punjab circuit. As there it will face immense competition from Punjabi films like Ashmit Patel starrer Dil Saada Luteya Gaya which is already on a roll.

    Moviegoers are in a fix as they can’t even blame film’s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who had given them enough warnings through his earlier films.

    “I believed Bhansali when he said that this film would make everybody cry, but never imagined he was trolling us and the route the film would take to make it happen would be a nightmare. This is not how we Gujaratis behave for god’s sake!” said a man from Matunga who feels Bhansali’s films are nothing but an RGV’s film made on lavish and expensive sets.

    “Yeah I cried and got emotional in the end. That of all the films I chose this one to spend my money on. I will recommend it to my boss and a colleague who got promotion ahead of me, for sure,” said another man from Ghatkopar.

    But not everybody is crying. Few are thanking Bhansali for coming out with such films time and again.

    “Ram Leela is a good tool to threaten and pressurize my team. Ever since I warned them of back to back to shows of this film if they fail to complete the project on time, their efficiency has increased manifold,” said Project Manager of yet another ‘leading’ IT company who wants Bhansali to continue making such films at least till his retirement.

    In a related news, it is being reported (not by Ahmed Patel) that for the first time after watching Ram Leela, Congress President Sonia Gandhi didn’t have to use services of glycerin to shed tears.

    Apparently she watched the film after Digvijay Singh told her that film is far too communal to be allowed to screen in India as it has extensive use of Saffron color in the background.
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  4. Haifa582

    Haifa582 Pakistan
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    Jul 15, 2014
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    When a new movie releases we often look at the rating provided by other reviewers and decide on watching the same. But sadly the 5 star or 7.2 star rating provided to this movie may be based on the directors previous works and not the current one! Ram Leela is a good
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