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Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---PK

Discussion in 'Theatre, Movies & Cinema' started by ashdoc, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. ashdoc

    ashdoc India
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    In all of Amir Khan's films his hard work shows . PK is no exception .
    A lot of toil and hard work has been put into every scene , into every dialogue , and into every expression on Amir's face . He certainly carries the whole weight of the film on his capable shoulders , but I would not dare say that he does this effortlessly....
    In fact , he has done a lot of effort in fleshing out every scene , and so has the director .

    Of course , Amir's trademark expression---that of gouging his own eyeballs almost out their sockets while staring at people---has been tried out before from films like 'Ghulam' to 'Rang de basanti' , but here it did not strike me as odd like it struck me in the earlier two films.....for in this film he plays the role of an alien who has landed on earth , and since everything is new to him on this planet , it is not surprising to see him staring at things with wide eyed awe and amazement and wonder .

    And his inability to comprehend things , or more rather his 'alien' way of comprehending things that occur on earth in a different way , gives rise to some really laughable situations especially in the first half of the movie keeping you in splits for some time . This happens because his remote transmitter for communicating with his mother ship gets stolen by a human being immediately after he lands on earth , and he has to spend a lot of time on earth to try get it back---time that he spends discovering new things and giving his own spin on understanding them ; a spin that seems ridiculously funny in the first half but becomes intelligent in the second half of the movie.....so intelligent that powerful people are shaken when begins to question them....

    Inevitably , for an alien like him the chief question is human beings' belief in God.....and his own vain search for that God in the hope that God would help him get back his stolen remote transmitter is what gives rise to the funny situations . But his landing on this planet from his mother ship in completely naked condition , his learning about humans' need to cover themselves with clothes , his inability to speak any of the earth's languages and his eventual acquisition of the ability to speak not in any sophisticated language but a queer rural dialect of the Indian state of Rajasthan---all speak volumes about the extraordinary ability of the director ( Raj Kumar Hirani ) to entertain us and the stupendous acting ability of Amir himself .

    In the midst of his travails on earth , Amir meets the woman who would eventually make him feel like not wanting to leave this planet ever---Anushka Sharma . Her hairstyle ( what in India is commonly called by those like me who are ignorant in women's hairstyling techniques as 'Bob cut' ) put me off for a while , but gradually I warmed up to it .

    And Anushka is the one who discovers the explosive potential of Amir's different but mindblowing take on humans' belief in God , and his ability to hit the bulls eye in questioning the manner in which humans of different religions worship different gods , and the manner in which godmen act as middlemen to rake in financial and other profits while devotees are lured into a fools' paradise of fake promises and false hopes . And like the savvy television anchor that she is , she decides to convert all this in a television show....
    But what Anushka does not know is that what happens on the television show would affect her own life....for she has her own past....

    So will Amir the lovable alien be able to get back to his planet ?? And will his sojourn on our planet irreversibly change our belief in the way we worship God ?? Does Anushka make an impact on Amir or he will make an impact on her ??
    Watch the movie for the answers....

    There is no doubt that this is a highly intelligently made film , and it has been made to make us think . It delivers the entertainment and the churning of our minds in equal doses . And it never fails to make us laugh---at our own stupid beliefs . Above all it takes on those manipulative peddlers of religion called godmen , and it takes on them with aplomb . And it never fails to engage the audience---to the very last reel .

    Some scenes like a person wearing the clothes of the Hindu God Shiva running away from Amir and cowering in the midst of a crowd may not be liked by orthodox persons , but I didn't mind them . I am not a religious person by nature anyway....
    If you are expecting the film to be anti hindu like the hindu nationalists are complaining , your experience will be underwhelming....In fact I found nothing anti hindu in the movie . If you are a believer in some godman and find the film anti your religious beliefs , then your belief in the godman is your own stupidity anyway.....

    Of course , the part of Anushka's boyfriend ( Sushant Singh ) being Pakistani is clearly aimed at winning over the Pakistan/middle east audience and earning more moolah . Somewhere it hurts to give our Indian girls in marriage to Pakistanis who regularly send terrorists to attack India , and I didn't like that part .

    Once again Amir Khan has put heart and soul in acting for a film , and once again he is a winner . Hopefully he shall continue that for years to come....

    Verdict---Absolutely brilliant .
    Four and a half star rating .

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    May 11, 2010
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    Brilliant movie...
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