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Jul 19, 2011
Usually we ( especially the women ) are told to be careful about any kind of courier or delivery boy coming to our house , especially when we are alone . Who knows , the delivery boy may be a thief who may steal things when we go inside to take our wallet to pay the delivery bill , or he may even be more unthinkably dangerous .

But this is the kind of film that will make the delivery boys themselves think twice about delivering goods to anybody's house---who knows , the recipients themselves may turn out to be more dangerous than imagined....

So a pizza delivery boy goes to a house to deliver a pizza , but the house he enters harbours unimaginable horrors….or so it seems….

He and his wife have had a marriage by elopement , and his wife spooks him daily because she is a struggling writer of horror stories and has created a world of seeing horror films daily and being permanently engrossed in the subject of horror . He gets nightmares because of this---of spirits and ghouls . These scenes are well picturised and give you the thrills you need .

The pizza delivery boy’s boss is a superstitious man and believes in ghosts and spirits too much , and his wife gets possessed every once in a while by a ghost named Anjali . He keeps on conducting numerous prayers and poojas all the time to avoid this . But he is not so simple as it seems . His real business is some shady business along with some smugglers , which he conducts in the garb of being owner of a pizza eatery .

So one day the pizza delivery boy goes to a house to deliver pizza , and comes back with this tale of horror…..He says that as he entered the house the door got locked from outside and he got locked into a world of horror…..
This part is the best part of the movie---the spooky scenes give you real chills , and some of them are new tricks . The hostess who welcomed him into the house , her husband and child---all give you the spooks . The scenes of him getting chased up and down the house by spirits , of strange sounds and voices emanating from everywhere , of strange writings on walls , of the TV in the house playing some spooky programs , of the colour of the lights in the house changing to red , of pair of hands rushing to grab him….I found myself getting scared inspite of myself….

When he finally manages to run away his whole behaviour has changed . His wife has disappeared too . His boss investigates about the house and finds out from the neighbours that the owner murdered his wife a few years ago as she was cheating on him and the police officers who went to arrest him were found dead too . No one goes there for fear of the spirits allegedly residing there .

But then who called the pizza delivery joint from such a place for some pizza ??
Why are the pizza eatery owner’s criminal cohorts so bothered about the visit to the house ??
What was in the box that the pizza delivery boy carried with him to deliver ?? Was it only a pizza ??

For answers to these questions , see the movie….

But once the answers to these questions are revealed , the movie fell flat on it’s face at least for me. To me this was true at least as I was already begining to realise what was in store towards the end much before the end itself came . But to some people ( those who are not as intelligent as me---he he he ) the end may give a surprise .
The entertainment towards the end depends on being NOT able to figure out the end before it comes---if you can’t then you will enjoy the movie . So don’t rack your brains too much like I did and reduce your enjoyment of the movie ---like I did .
Acting by everyone decent and the pizza delivery boy’s wife looks good . Photography and special effects are decent enough .

Verdict---Okay .

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