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Ashdoc's Movie Review---pari : Not A Fairy Tale


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011
Arnab's ( Parambrata Chatterjee ) life is on the upswing . He is about to be married to the beautiful Piyali ( Ritabhari Chakraborty ) , whose warm outspoken nature seems to promise happiness after a shy withdrawn childhood that has been his lot earlier . But an accident changes his life . His father slams the car they are travelling in into a woman , who dies . The police search her house to find her daughter Rukhsana ( Anushka Sharma ) chained inside .

But the person working in the morgue sees that the dead mother is branded , and contacts the persons who he knows are into branding such entities . Those persons are led by professor Qasim , and their declared mission is to wipe out the cult of satan to which the dead woman belongs . She is a demoness whose mission is to perpetuate the cult of satan . And the professor and his group have destroyed the cult except the dead woman . Now it remains to kill the daughter , who is the last remaining demoness . The members of the cult and the professor are from Bangladesh .

However , the daughter Rukhsana sees the killers come for her and flees from the dog infested house she lives in to find refuge in the place in Kolkata where Arnab lives alone away from his parents . Sympathetic to her at first , Arnab tries to civilise her and give her some normalcy because he has seen her chained in her house . But he is unaware of her demonic propensities .

And do I even have to tell that the inevitable happens , and Rukhsana falls in love with Arnab . But what is important is that the love also makes her more human and turns her away from the demonic path that the ghost of her dead mother is urging her towards . But soon she becomes pregnant with Arnab's child . Will her mother's wish to continue the demonic cult be granted with the birth of the child , who after all will be the child of a demoness ? And what about Piyali , the fiancee of Arnab ? What is her role in all this ? Or will professor Qasim and his cohorts get to Rukhsana and destroy her before she gives birth to the child ? Watch the movie for the answers .

One must say that Anushka has taken a different role in her career with this movie , as she looks deglamourised and unattractive throughout the film . It is Piyali ( Ritabhari Chakraborty ) whose appearances I was eagerly waiting for throughout the movie , for her beauty is like a breath of fresh air in this dark and gory movie .

However the love of Rukhsana for Arnab and the transformation of her character is beautifully built up in the movie . You really feel sad for her , trapped as she is in this demonic form even though her heart is full of love . There are some real jolts of horror in the movie , but all interspersed with the sadness you feel for the souls trapped in this bizarre cult of perpetuating satan . The first half of the movie does not reveal as to who Rukhsana and her mother really are , and what is the purpose of professor Qasim to be after them . So a considerable part of the movie builds up suspense .

Parambrata Chatterjee looks vulnerable in his role as Arnab , and Rajat Kapoor looks coolly menacing as he carries out his rentless task of destruction of the cult . Photography is good , but colours are dark and surroundings dingy . Background music and songs are good .

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .

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