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    Varun Dhawan plays Dan , which is short for Danish Walia . He is doing internship for getting a diploma in hotel management in a five star hotel in Indian capital city Delhi . He is hot tempered and somewhat rude and over talkative , even with his superiors . In short , he is different . And that difference makes a lot of difference in his attitude to what happens next....

    At a party in which his peers are drinking together , one of his female class mates named Shiuli ( Banita Sandhu ) sits on a balcony and falls down thirty feet after losing her balance . She is so badly injured that even if she recovers she won't ever be walking again . And even recovery is doubtful . But Dan is told that she was asking for him just before she fell , and something snaps in his mind ; he begins to go daily to the hospital in which Shiuli is admitted and begins to help her family in taking care of her .

    Actually Shiuli was not Dan's girlfriend or even his friend . She was just a colleague . Yet why does Dan get so involved with her hospitalisation ? The director never tells us the answer and we are left wondering in till the end....the only explanation is that Dan is different .

    But astonishingly , an emotional bond is created between Dan and Shiuli due to his taking care of her . It is not expressed through words because Shiuli never recovers enough to speak a full sentence . Rather it is expressed through eyes and tears . Somewhere there is a hint of love....and that's what a person goes to a movie in search of doesn't he ? At least I do .

    Meanwhile Dan has become an indispensable part of Shiuli's family as they struggle to take care of her . They never ask as to why he is doing what he is doing , but others do . His mother and his other colleagues are questioning his motives for helping out Shiuli's family , but soon begin to co operate with him seeing the sheer intensity of his commitment to helping Shiuli recover .

    But Dan has not been regular to training in the hotel , and his superiors are questioning his commitment to his work . Soon he is kicked out from training . His immediate superior in whose bad books Dan had always been , has now developed a respect for Dan's devotion to Shiuli and gets him a job in another town . But Shiuli shows a severe reaction to his departure and he has to quit his job and come back .

    Much of the movie shows the hospital atmosphere and is not easy to watch a patient lying in hospital . But as the movie progresses we become more used to the proceedings and watch with increasing empathy as Dan takes care of Shiuli .

    Shiuli means night jasmine flowers , which are a favourite of Shiuli . She used to collect them from childhood , and Dan had seen her collect them in the hotel gardens . He collects and keeps them near Shiuli in her early stages in hospital in hope that she would wake up on smelling their fragrance . These flowers blossom in October , and that is why the movie has got the name .

    Finally Shiuli passes away leaving Dan free to lead his life . The same hotel that had removed him takes him back for training probably out of sheer respect for the care and devotion he showed for Shiuli , though why he was taken back is not expressly shown . Like much of the movie , what is happening is left unspoken....

    This decidedly an offbeat film that won't appeal to the regular Bollywood film buff , and aficionados of masala movies are advised to stay away from it . But for an off beat film lover , the movie grows on you . You begin to slowly like it and it makes an emotional impact only later . I am one of them....

    Background music is decent and colours and photography are decent . Acting is good by everyone , including Shiuli's mother played by Geetanjali Rao .

    Verdict---Decent .

    Three stars out of five .
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