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Ashdoc's Movie Review---manmarziyaan


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011

This movie is set in Punjab state among sikh people of Amritsar . Rumi ( Taapsee Pannu ) is in a no holds barred physical relationship with Vicky ( Vicky Kaushal ) . But the country they live in is conservative India and Rumi's reputation is taking a beating among her townsfolk . Her family asks her to get married to Vicky , but Vicky is not ready to get married so soon . He is a wannabe DJ who dreams of cutting his own album one day .

So Rumi gives him the ultimatum to either come to her home to ask for her hand in marriage or to scram off from her life permanently . But Vicky does neither ; he keeps on vowing eternal love for Rumi but is not responsible enough for marriage . And Rumi too loves Vicky or rather lusts for his body and cannot leave him . Whenever she tries to leave him , Vicky sends messages on her smartphone and she cannot tear herself apart from him . They try to elope but Vicky forgets to bring his wallet containing money , thus proving his immaturity and they have to go back to their respective houses .

So life cannot go on only on a heady {censored}tail of lust and sex . It requires people to be in steady relationships with each other , and Rumi's family convinces her to marry Robbie ( Abhishek Bachchan ) rather than the commitment phobic Vicky .

Enter the liberal who has lived in the liberal west . Robbie who has come to marry after having lived in a western country for many years knows about Rumi's torrid bedroom sessions with Vicky and in fact finds her hot and wants to marry her and her only . The fact that she has a lover is immaterial for him and he hopes to win her heart . But even though Robbie and Rumi get married , Rumi cannot forget Vicky nor can Vicky forget Rumi .

So the erstwhile lovers continue to pine for each other and they have sex even after she is married to another man . But as days pass by and Rumi starts living with Robbie , she finds him more mature and responsible and gentle . And she begins to like him . But he does not have the fire and passion that she and Vicky shared , and her mind begins to oscillate among the two men .

And long is he going to stretch his liberalism and try to win his wife's heart when she cannot deny that she still dreams of her lover when Robbie is making love to her ? So what will happen to the love triangle ? Whom will Rumi choose or will Robbie dump her even before she has a chance to choose ? Watch the movie for the answers .

Taapsee Pannu plays a free spirited vivacious woman very well and brings real zing into her acting . Vicky Kaushal brings fire and real passion into his acting . Abhishek Bachchan's role is to be a more sedate personality .

The language spoken in the movie is partly punjabi and some dialogues are difficult to understand for a non punjabi like me . But it is not difficult to understand the flow of the story . Songs in the movie are excellent and worth humming for weeks , even though they are partly in punjabi too and their words are not easy to understand . Background music is good . Photography is decent .

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
is there a movie more messed up than this. they show both characters from sikh family smoking. and abhishek bachchan takes off his turban before going out for a puff. how thoughtful

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