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Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---Lakshmi

Discussion in 'Theatre, Movies & Cinema' started by ashdoc, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. ashdoc

    ashdoc India
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    Movie Critic SPNer

    Jul 19, 2011
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    Human trafficking---scourge of our time....scourge of all times since the beginning of history....

    For human trafficking is what feeds what is reputedly the world's oldest profession---prostitution....
    And some of these prostitutes are sex slaves---kidnapped and sold to feed the voracious lust of men....

    The story of Lakshmi ( set in Andhra Pradesh ) is similar to that of millions of other girls who have met the famous ' fate worse than death ' . Her father sells her off for a sum of money to human traffickers who force her into the world's oldest profession .

    I would like to recommend this movie for seeing to the people who help this profession survive and indeed flourish---the men who visit prostitutes....
    .....For the movie gives a real glimpse into the sickening life that the prostitutes are forced to lead in order to satisfy lust of men....
    Because they are unwilling to become prey of lust , these women are beaten in the most gruesome manner to force them to sell their bodies . Myriad tortures are invented to prevent them from complaining to the police---like burning their private parts with cigarettes....

    The men and women who run this profession are worse even than murderers---they are the scum of the earth literally....psychopaths without mercy....
    And maybe after seeing this film some of the men who visit prostitutes will stop going there---for they are sure to be appalled by the savage treatment of these women and may realize what hell is the place they visit....

    And Lakshmi is in this hell . Her attempts to escape are punished by increasing brutality . The worst part is the role of police in this . When she runs off and complains to the police , the police send her back to her masters !! Obviously the corrupt police is on the payroll of the human traffickers .

    Finally a social worker saves her and other girls from the clutches of her tyrants . But to bring her oppressors to justice will require courage of a different kind . For they threaten her with violence and cajole her and try to give bribes to suppress the truth . And their lawyers ask embarrassing questions in court .

    So will Lakshmi summon the courage to send the criminals to jail ?? Watch the movie for that....

    The acting by Monali Thakur ( as Lakshmi ) , director Nagesh Kukunoor ( as Chinna , the man who pushes her into prostitution ) and Shefali Shah ( the madam of the *****house ) is realistic . Some scenes like the scene in which Lakshmi is raped for the first time and other scenes of the gruesome violence that is meted out to her and inmates the *****house are too painful to watch .

    But the heroism of Lakshmi in court ( she is just 14 years of age ) will make you laugh of the so called heroism of Bollywood heros who beat up 10 men in cinematic unreality . For Lakshmi's heroism is real and not filmy .

    The film gets more brutal as it progresses , and the brutality gets more and more unpalatable . Yet one should remember that this is what really happens in these places in real life .

    The light hearted musical score is strangely in contrast to the grim proceedings and runs as background music throughout the movie , and sounds ironical to what is happening in the movie .

    If you have a yen for realistic cinema , then this film is well worth a watch....

    Verdict---Good .
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  3. Haifa582

    Haifa582 Pakistan
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    Jul 15, 2014
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    Thankfully with LAKSHMI, the director regains his somehow lost spirit back and delivers a pretty sincere, relevant and hard hitting film which is disturbing enough to make you feel uneasy thinking about its innocent protagonist and the inhuman cruelty suffered by her in just the tender age of 14.
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