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Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---Krishh 3

Discussion in 'Theatre, Movies & Cinema' started by ashdoc, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. ashdoc

    ashdoc India
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    With this film Rakesh Roshan seems to have the ambition to make an Indian superhero film that can match Hollywood .

    But can he match Hollywood ??

    The answer is---not really....

    The only thing Rakesh Roshan can do is---he can copy it....
    ....For the film's scenes seem to be copied from various Hollywood superhero films and do not have anything original in them .

    Hrithik plays Krishh---the superhero who doubles as a blue collar worker who gets fired from various jobs because he's too committed to his other self as superhero and arrives late for work . So then how can he maintain his lifestyle and what are his sources of income ?? SSHH....Don't ask uncomfortable questions....

    He has a sexy miniskirted wife ( Priyanka Chopra ) who works for Aaj tak TV news channel and knows his secret identity . His father is played by himself and father works for a govt laboratory . The father also is experimenting with using concentrated solar energy to bring back dead creatures to life but his experiment is not successful because too much concentration of solar energy tends to destroy the dead creatures .

    Trouble breaks out in this paradise with the entry of Vivek Oberoi who plays the character of Kal---a handicapped villain who can use his enormous mental strength to move and shatter objects and who has created mutant living beings from animals and humans combined ( called maanwars ) to carry out his nefarious objectives....
    And his nefarious objectives include creating viruses which kill people in millions and then selling their antidotes to earn huge amounts of money....

    So can Krishh and his father stop this villain ??
    The most important question is---can the audience get some entertainment while they do the stopping ??

    To be honest , some kids might love this film---but only urban kids....
    I wonder how people from illiterate backgrounds and rural parts are going to understand the highfundoo terminology and sci fi shown in the film....
    Part of the film and the special effects seem like a computer game which is not meant for the common masses....

    Acting by Hrithik is good , but Priyanka does not have much to do except look pretty....

    Kangana Ranaut plays the vamp who falls in love with Krishh , but she falls for him too quickly and unconvincingly---how come a person who was coldbloodedly killing people just few minutes ago suddenly develop such a loving heart ??

    The fighting in the end is more like carnage and it dragged on too much for my liking....

    The music by Rajesh Roshan is his worst performance as music director till date---nothing more should be said about the music...

    The special effects have been done by an Indian company without foreign help and by that standard they can be called good . But the ideas are all copied from Hollywood . Couldn't they think of some original stunts ??

    Verdict---Just about okay . Personally I wasn't particularly impressed....

    People who watch the film can be divided into two parts---1 ) Those who watch Hollywood films 2 ) Those who don't watch Hollywood films .
    Those who watch Hollywood films will know that they are watching copied scenes from Hollywood and will get bored .
    Those who don't watch Hollywood films will be seeing these special effects and stunts for the first time and may like it .
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