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    Two brothers are heirs to a businessman's empire in London . Aryan Khurana ( Vivan Bhatena ) is the older brother , who is happily married to the sultry Rishma ( Ihana Dhillon ) . Rajveer ( Karan Wahi ) is the younger brother . But their lives are affected by the appearance of the sexy hot Tasha ( Urvashi Rautela ) , who stirs up the hormones of them both . But as the unmarried one , younger Rajveer is the one who has the right to try to get her . And he does , or does he ? For the girl is not what she seems to be and is upto some nasty games of her own....

    But is Urvashi Rautela worth all the trouble ? Yes , she is . She has soft big round boobs that part to show ample cleavage in any low cut dress . And she has large fleshy thighs to complement that . And she has worn the right kind of exposing clothes to show off that figure . Ihana Dhillon tries to compete with all this and partly succeeds because she is good at exposing too .

    But the problem is , the movie is not the erotic thriller one may have expected from the promos . It is basically a revenge thriller , and has many twists and turns whirling the situation . The two brothers get caught in those twists and turns because they are not good people themselves . They have done some unsavoury things in the past and the past is now coming to catch up with them .

    Colours are decent in the movie and photography can be rated as good . Background music and songs are decent too . Acting be everyone is good . What the movie lacks is some thing interesting happening every now and then . The unfolding events fail to hold our interest and seem clich├ęd .

    The 'Hate story' series of movies is based on the premise of a 'hell hath no fury like a woman wronged' and show a woman deeply wronged in the past by men and taking deadly revenge in the midst of hot sex scenes . This movie is no different . But the hot scenes and revenge scenes lack fire . The kind of fire that actress Paoli Dam showed in the first movie of this series . Mere goodlooking women and men and posh sets do not make a good movie . Towards the climax the movie is like an action thriller but even the action lacks fire . Urvashi Rautela is a good find but she will have to search for a better movie for launch of her career then 'Hate story part four' .

    Verdict---Okay .

    Two stars out of five .
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