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Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---Dhoom 3

Discussion in 'Theatre, Movies & Cinema' started by ashdoc, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. ashdoc

    ashdoc India
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    Nowadays Yash Raj films seems to have started making films keeping the international audience in mind : ' international ' meaning the Pakistan and middle east audience allied with Indian and Bangladeshi muslims....
    .....For almost all the characters in the film are shown to be muslims---including the hero , the heroine , the father of the hero and the sidekick....
    Only the cop ( inspector Jai Dixit ) played by Abhishek Bachhan is hindu---that too because his character is a leftover from former ' Dhoom ' films and cannot be changed now....

    The villain of course is Bollywood's favourite bogey for international films---a white man who else . He is the banker responsible for the downfall of the hero's father ( played by Jackie Shroff ) and the father's suicide , which is the result of the banker's callous decision of forcing the closure of the magic show called ' great Indian circus ' owned by Iqbal ( Jackie ) for defaulting on debt .

    The son named Saahir ( played by Aamir Khan ) grows up to take revenge on the bank by looting it repeatedly ' Dhoom ' style---meaning by the most unbelievable stunts using a rope and a flashy motorbike , and leaving a shower of notes for poor people to pick like a modern day Robinhood .

    .....And because he leaves a note in hindi after every robbery , two Indian cops are called in---Jai Dixit and his sidekick Ali ( Uday Chopra ) who else....

    With this the chase begins....

    The stunts are frankly far far out from what can be attempted in real life and seem too much to believe at times , but do keep the adrenaline pumping in the movie . But it is in emotion that the movie scores !!---and the director surprises us by giving a romantic and emotional angle to the movie that far surpasses the action sequences in making the movie look good .

    And where there is romance there has to be a woman---a dazzlingly beautiful one at that . Katrina looks like a dream and dances like heaven . Her introduction in a stupendously muscle arching and body curving dance sequence where she sheds her clothes one by one left everyone in the audience transfixed on their seats in the theater just like it left the hero just watching on his seat in the movie . There was pin drop silence in the cinema hall for 5 minutes....

    But the introduction of such a heavenly beauty also shores up jealousies among two men in the movie as to who should romance her , and really gives a kick start to the emotional core of the movie .

    But the jealousy is between whom and whom ??
    I am not telling---for the movie has a surprise in store at the interval , a trick commonly used in magic shows but something that the common man is unaware of....

    Aamir Khan acts well , Katrina looks dazzling and that's enough....
    Abhishek Bachhan acts his usual stern self as inspector Jai Dixit and Uday Chopra is more like a monkey with his eyes permanently popped out at any woman....

    The action sequences may be unbelievable and the motorbikes which can change shape look frankly unreal , but everything in the movie is on a spectacular scale and that helps in glossing over the unreal parts of the film .
    The climax is heart touching and shows the importance of human relationships above all the action and emotion . No sex and lack of blood soaked violence make is suitable for watching by a family crowd .

    I didn't see it in IMAX form , but from the scenes I could make out that the motorbike somersaults and chases will look better in IMAX .

    Verdict---good .
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