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Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---Daawat E Ishq

Discussion in 'Theatre, Movies & Cinema' started by ashdoc, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. ashdoc

    ashdoc India
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    For the first time I realised that dowry is a pan Indian phenomenon . I used to think that this pernicious custom is prevalent only among the hindu community . But the movie shows even muslims taking dowry from a girl's father in exchange for marrying their sons to the daughter. And it is custom of taking dowry that forms the basis of the story of the movie .

    The setting for this feast ( daawat ) are the partially muslim cities of Hyderabad and Lucknow---fittingly so , for they are justly famous for their nonvegetarian cuisine....all mouthwatering kebabs and tasty biryanis on which your very own ashdoc has feasted many times.....

    And living in Hyderabad is Gulrez ( played by Parineeti Chopra ) , a smart and spunky gal who has a doting father . He allows himself to be dominated by his feisty daughter largely because he is big hearted . Yes big heart and all he may have , but he does not have a big bank balance . And because he does not have a big bank balance , he can't assemble enough a dowry to marry off his daughter . Daughter has big dreams too---of finding her prince charming and living in America , but all she manages to land is a job as saleswoman in a shoe store....

    It is at the shoe store that Gulrez falls in love with the handsome man she has been waiting for , but his parents ask for the same old curse---dowry....and the handsome boy turns a wimp as he cannot find the willpower to go against his parents' wishes , leaving Gulrez shattered....

    But wait !! There is a very strict law against dowry in the Indian penal code , and other and more smarter and indeed more sinister women have been taking advantage of it to take their husbands to the cleaners by leveling false charges of dowry against them . And an embittered Gulrez decides to use the law to marry a guy and level false charges against him and get rich quickly by getting an out of court settlement .

    Here the corniness begins.....the whole plan of posing going to Lucknow and posing as a rich expatriate from some Gulf country by using false passports and taking interviews of prospective candidates for husband material in a five star hotel---this plan is so silly that I wont bother pointing out the loopholes in this plan to you....suffice to say that is it so ridiculously easy to fool people ??

    It is while meeting prospective candidates that Gulrez finds the perfect gentleman---Tariq , played by Aditya Roy Kapoor....a man who is open hearted and honest and opposed to the centuries old curse of dowry that is plaguing the land....a man who wants to marry not for money but for love....a man who wants to treat Gulrez like a queen....a man whose rustic charm has the capacity to sweep Gulrez off her feet....a man who not just has bountiful amounts of money but a bountiful heart....and above all a man who can serve delicious melting in the mouth kebabs in his restaurant ; for doesn't the title of the movie promise a feast of food and romance and of love....??

    Gulrez has unwittingly stumbled upon the man of her dreams....indeed of every girl's dreams....

    But does she have the sense to feast upon the rich pickings of romance lying in front of her ??

    Alas !! The director fails in making his heroine do what is just naturally correct for her , and in an unnecessary bid to propel the story forward he makes her do things and take decisions that any sensible girl would reject....

    So what are those decisions ??
    Does the story end well ??

    Watch the movie for the answers....

    Some parts of the movie are downright silly , but it does have it's moments....
    And some of those moments are provided by Aditya Roy Kapoor , who plays the role of a not so well educated guy having rustic charm with ease---looks like a muslim from Lucknow with kohl lined eyes and half shaven beard and earrings in his ear all too well....
    The other moments being provided by Parineeti---all fiery and spunky and booby and busty with her assets jutting like tennis ***** inside her top in one scene....

    Music is nothing to write home about....

    The social message of the film---laudable , and shown in an entertaining manner....

    This feast I would say , was sumptuous enough to make me return home a reasonably satisfied man .

    Verdict---Very decent .
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