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Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---Bang Bang

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Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---Bang Bang


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011
Bang Bang is pure make believe stuff with not an ounce of reality .

Consider this---the villain is whisking away the heroine taking her far away from the hero .
And at that very moment , the hero sees a formula one car being unloaded from it's container and promptly grabs control of it and gives chase....
From where did the car arrive on the scene ??

Another situation---the hero and the heroine arrive at a restaurant but are surrounded by the villain's men . The restaurant is on a snowy mountain and there is no way to escape....
No problem....the hero simply jumps out of the window of the restaurant into the valley dragging the heroine with him and she directly wakens up in a beautiful beach resort with the hero making delicious food for her...
How did they manage to survive such a fall ??

SSHHH !! Don't ask uncomfortable questions !!

And if you don't ask them , then you can relax in your seat getting some frivolous easy-on-the-brains entertainment .

The story begins with the villain ( Danny Denzongpa ) being informed that his stay in a comfortable prison in the UK is being threatened by the new extradition treaty that India and UK are going to sign , and he will have to go to a cell in India where he will have to live in atrocious conditions . But the prison in UK itself is attacked by the villain's henchman ( Javed Jaffery ) and not only the villain flees but he burns alive the Indian officer ( Jimmy Shergill ) who informed him about the treaty , just as the officer is receiving a call on his mobile from that most emotionally important entity of any hindi film---MAA ( mother )....

Considering the fact that the villain can escape from prisons with such ridiculous ease , why can't he simply move to some other country which does not have an extradition treaty with India ??
SSHHH !! Don't ask uncomfortable questions !! Cos then you will ruin your own entertainment !!

So the villain decides to make an Indian steal the prestigious Kohinoor diamond from Britain so that relations between the Indian government and Britain are threatened and no extradition treaty is signed .
And the diamond is promptly stolen !! Just like that !! ( In this film anything happens )
The thief is the hero ( Hrithik Roshan ) and he meets the villain's men in a eatery in Shimla in the high himalayas to give them the diamond for a price . But a fight breaks out and he has to escape....
And the CCTV footage of the eatery is taken to the police and they see the Kohinoor in it---so they are after him too...

While he is escaping from these troubles , the hero sports the heroine ( Katrina ) waiting for her anonymous date in a restaurant---and he decides to pose as the anonymous date !!
Doesn't he have other things on his mind , like all the people chasing him ?? How come he has the absence of mind ( you can hardly call it presence of mind can you ? ) to date a girl and bring her in trouble in the midst of his fights with and flights from dangerous people ??
I TOLD YOU that in this film anything happens !! ( mind it !! )

Then do I even have tell you that the girl then never leaves his side and is with him in every situation and place and falls in love with him and all that....!!
And egging her in all this is her large hearted grandmother who has sent her out on precisely this mission---to find out and date the man of her dreams and love him and romance him kiss him and make love....

But what a man---the hero Hrithik Roshan !! All muscles rippling out of a bronzed body topped by a mane of golden brown hair....a Greek god with slim waist below a super perfect physique covered by fair skin and light eyes....
The perfect man who would ignite dreams and desires and awe struck lust in any female....

And as the story moves on from mountainous Shimla to a beautiful sea side resort to history enriched Prague to an unbelievable palace in the desert , Katrina never ceases to look at Hrithik with dreamily romantic eyes and above all with love....her grandma would have approved !!

But he is thief !! Or is he....??
And how come the two are to escape the police and the villains who are both chasing them ??

Relax....the invincible Hrithik is there to save Katrina in every situation and every place....he never goes wrong anywhere....
And even if he does go wrong , the director is there to help---as I told you , formula one cars appear out of nowhere and jumps from mountains are made risk free by the miraculous opening of parachutes....

And while the whole thing was going on , I was looking at Katrina with love too....could not let go of my attraction for the romantic dreams in her half sleepy eyes and her broken hindi interspersed with english sentences and innocent demeanor and her lovely face....what a cutie pie !!

And I wished nothing bad should happen to my cutie pie....

And I was frankly jealous of Hrithik---for his awesome body and royal looks , and above all for possessing Katrina !!

And I was jealous of him for being in such superb places...or was it the photography that was making the places look extra stunning ??
Is the sea so blue as the film shows it to be , and the sunlight so golden ??
Are the colours so striking when you see those places in real life ??

Indeed , I don't want to see the places seen in the film in real life---for surely they are not so magnificent as shown in the film....
And I do not want to do the stunts that Hrithik has performed too , for they are dangerous even though on camera they looked absolutely mindblowing....

What I wanted to do was to enjoy the cinematography and camerawork and stunning visuals and locales shown in rich colour....and I did that...

What else do you need ??
Well , what the film needs is some proper editing---for in the beginning you are left confused by the pace of events and the disjointed way in which they scenes and situations are presented....

The romance between Katrina ( ladies first !! ) and Hrithik is as unbelievably filmy as hell , and so are the fights....
Music is only okay , and acting is not even needed in such a film....

But who cares....I quite enjoyed the breezy way in which things happened , and liked the fact that there is never a dull moment in the film...
And if enjoyment without coherence is all that matters to you , the movie delivers on that part pretty well .

Verdict---Some real fun .

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