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Ashdoc's Movie Review---andhadhun

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Ashdoc's Movie Review---andhadhun


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011

The hindi language word 'Andhadhun' means running amok , but to me it had another meaning---'andha' means blind and 'dhun' means tune , so to me it meant 'tune of a blind man' . For the leading actor plays some delectable piano tunes , and piano music is the high point of this movie . Ayushmann Khurana plays Akash , who is a pianist by profession and pretends to the world that he is blind but actually is not completely blind .

One day Akash comes into contact with the sexy young Sophie ( Radhika Apte ) and soon they are in a physical relationship . Sophie wears exposing clothes on her slim svelte body that give you the hots .

But one day Akash is invited by a retired actor named Pramod Sinha ( Anil Dhawan ) to play piano in his house as wedding anniversary surprise for his wife Simi ( Tabu ) . But after he enters the house and settles down to play piano , he sees a murdered body....

From here on starts the thriller part of the movie that was going smoothly until now , in fact so smoothly that I wish it had remained that way without the murder or the thriller part coming at all . For once the thriller unfolds , there are way too many twists and turns and in the end they seem to be too much .

The movie does keep you wondering what will happen next , and includes many characters like a crooked doctor ( played by Zakir Hussain ) , a crooked police officer ( Manav Vij ) , and a pesky neighbourhood kid who is forever testing whether Akash is really blind or not .

What I liked was the songs and the background music , and that kept me interested . Photography is decent and so are the colours . Acting is good by everyone .

Tabu is the second half of her forties , but she still looks desirable with well rounded curves and cleavage and I found her competing with the younger Radhika Apte and winning the competition in my mind at least .

So the movie has some ingredients of a good watchable movie , but meanders into too many twists that leaves you a bit exasperated .

Verdict---Decent .

Three stars out of five .

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