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Ashdoc's Movie Review---aapla Manus ( Marathi Movie )


Movie Critic
Jul 19, 2011

'Aapla manus' means 'our man' or rather 'our person' in this gender non discriminatory era . It is produced by Bollywood star Ajay Devgan who appears in a very small role in the end . It is his first marathi film as producer . It unfolds as a thriller cum murder mystery but with an interesting angle about the complexities of generation gap between father on one hand and son and daughter in law on the other .

Sumeet Raghavan and Iravati Harshe play a modern couple . But their modern lifestyle has an aberration ; they live with Sumeet's father ( Nana Patekar ) like old style joint families . And the old man worries about the liberties of his daughter in law , just like old fashioned people are wont to do . He dislikes Iravati's coming late from her work and dislikes her having sent his grandson away to boarding school to get educated . He is a grumpy old man who is forever complaining about his daughter in law .

Iravati is hardly a woman who is going to be quietened by this attitude and gives back to her father in law verbally . This leads to a battle of words constantly between the two and caught in between is the son Sumeet . But one day a huge twist to this situation happens ; the father in law is found fallen from their apartment into the ground below .

Into the situation comes police officer Nagargoje , who looks uncannily like a younger and fitter version Iravati's father in law ; indeed he too is played by Nana Patekar . He accuses the couple to have instigated the old man to commit suicide . As the movie progresses the accusations change from suicide to murder charges and the murder charges move from one person to another .

So what game is Nagargoje playing ? What is his personal interest in creating twists and turns that turns the couple's life topsy turvy ? The answers are intriguing . But they are sentimental and emotional too , leaving you with a tear in the eye in the end .

The film is dominated by the formidable screen presence of Nana Patekar , and his sarcastic drawl rings throughout the movie . Without any loud dialogues , his powerful voice and acting create impact in the movie . Sumeet Raghavan and Iravati Harshe act appropriately too . Background music is decent but there are no songs . Photography and colours are okay .

The dialogues of the verbal exchanges between Nana and Iravati have been written by a talented script writer ; every sentence is dripping with sarcastic taunts at each other . Both persons have their good and bad points . But the director does take the old fashioned route ; tilts our sympathy to the old man in the climax . But that is what appeals to our sentiments....Indians are still a traditional people .

The idea of both the police officer and the old person whose case he is investigating being played by the same man does add something else to the movie . Both roles have played with aplomb by Nana Patekar . Without flamboyant drama or sensational background music , the film manages to hold attention due to it's clash of egos and lifestyles .

Verdict---Good .

Three and a half stars out of five .
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