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    Energyne , which is a genetic research company has sent a station into space . It's experiments of increasing the size of animals have so spectacularly succeeded that a rodent has grown enormously in size and destroys the station . It falls onto the earth scattering pathogens from it's research samples around , which infect a reptile living in water , a wolf and a gorilla named George . All three begin to grow enormously in size .

    The caretaker of George is played by Dwayne Johnson , who is a primatologist with more love for animals than women , as a luscious babe who propositions to him discovers . But as George grows in size and becomes more ferocious , he is drawn into protecting the city of Chicago from catastrophe . For the owners of Energyne are emitting powerful radio signals from a tower in Chicago to call those animals infected with the pathogens to come . The owners have no plans to use their newfound technology for any good , but instead plan to use it as a biological weapon . That is what a rogue scientist ( played by Naomie Harris ) who once worked for Energyne says to the character played by Dwayne .

    As the enormously grown ferocious creatures threaten Chicago . the military plans to use huge conventional bombs to destroy them . But that will flatten the entire city . It is up to the characters played by Dwayne and Naomie to stop the mayhem by unleashing some mayhem of their own . They are helped by George the friendly gorilla , who hopes that the couple will shack up in the end !!

    The action is nonstop and so are the thrills . Armed helicopters , tank buster aircraft , automatic weapons fitted with latest scopes---all add to the action . But the hero of it all is Dwayne Johnson , who carries the film on his admittedly all too broad shoulders . He is helped by the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan , who struts about like a cowboy and has the drawl of from the western movies of yore .

    Buildings and skyscrapers and boats are turned upside down in the mayhem created by the animals . And the huge animals have been recreated well by special effects . Their most frightening feature is their sharp teeth , which are shown to good effect in the movie .

    Acting wise , the movie has some decent performances . Special effects are good and the movie looks good especially in the IMAX form that I saw it in . Photography is good and colours are okay . But the movie and it's action can't be taken too seriously and it is good only for some on the spot entertainment .

    Verdict---Decent .

    Three stars out of five .
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