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Opinion As The Mind Of Society Is, How The Mind Of Human Is

Discussion in 'Breaking News' started by Aman Singh, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Jun 1, 2004
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    As the mind of society is how the mind of man is
    We often think that all people have between them and their thoughts are not related other independents. We believe that everyone is unique and the personality of the person is determined by the random combination of genes or their DNA. According to Indian philosophy, man is the mirror image of the universe (Aham Baramasmi). The Upanishads, State:

    As the human body, the cosmic body is
    As the human mind is, as the cosmic spirit
    As the microcosm, so is theMacrocosm

    We can use these properties to collect a lot of helpful information about man and society. If we have the macro framework of society, we can understand the patient more of the member of society. We can also understand the spirit of society through the study of one or more of the same company as the common traits of the few people who embody the soul of the spirit of society. Every person of shares of the Company's opinion of the Company to be independentpersonal thoughts.

    Polls and Opinions

    The mechanisms for knowing the mind of society is determined by the polls, election or referendum. While elections are an individual responsibility for supervising the selection, a referendum is used to obtain the company's views on a particular subject. However, these processes are quite complete, since the exercise of voting rights for all citizens in the survey. So often surveys are an effective way of looking at the KnowThe company, with the votes of control on a random sample.

    Opinion polls are determined fairly common in all democratic countries the opinion of the Company. For example, it is common to hear that the rating of the President of the United States approval, respectively. decreases. This opinion polls or surveys play an important role in democracies, as it keeps the government in power, informed about the views of citizens. The ruler can be any of these measurespopular unpopular among the people.

    Polls and surveys do not select the vote of all citizens, but often very small percentage of the population control on a random basis. Often the sample size is very small) (less than a fraction of a percentage point. Still, the survey represents the spirit of the entire population quite well. In fact, it is now very common in almost all democratic countries, including number of candidates who can providewin the one hand, or you can obtain the percentage of votes, which is a candidate or political party. Experience shows that the predictions based on fractions of the population is entirely correct. Thus, the micro-image of the center of a few people seem to be largely represent the macro-framework of society.

    Now switch to reduce the size of the sample. Do not reduce the accuracy of forecasts. There is a reduction in the precision of prediction when theThe sample size is said) 80% (of the vote and only) 0.001% (normal sample of the population. Well, if the sample is reduced to say one thing, yes, just one. We can still have the weather? Yes, you can . Even at the lowest level of a person, people tend to gain or lose sensitivity and intuition than on too much. An impartial experts can accurately predict the likelihood of a candidate or a party for his insight and experience even in the absence of any investigation or query.However, its accuracy depends on how the company has coordinated with the spirit. The human mind is the mirror image of the soul of society. So you can feel the mood of the people and the forecasts for the insight, if it is fair and equitable. The accuracy of the spirit of an expert is almost as tall as the accuracy of the surveys necessarily the opinion of thousands of people have brought.

    The Spirit of Man

    One of the biggest mistakes we can do for the understanding of human resourcesother company has considered similar to ours. Each society creates its own life, which is shared by all members of society. Let's talk about this problem with the example of democracy itself.

    In India the concept of democracy was introduced in Britain on its experience with democracy. The Indian Constitution has drawn largely on the basis of the Constitution of the United Kingdom and the United States. However, when it comes to implementation, the reality is quite different. In the United StatesThere are only two major political parties means. Democrats and Republicans. There is practically no resistance to the third power. The situation is not very different from that in Britain, where the votes are almost divided between the two major parties the Conservatives and Labor. The only power oscillations between the two main parties.

    On the contrary, India has at least 6 national parties and over a dozen regional parties and hundreds of other parties. The central government of India is currently constituted as aCoalition of more than a dozen parties. No single party in India are more than 30% of the votes polled. Thus, the Constitution itself leads to different political systems in different countries.

    Macro vs. Micro Society

    The government of a country can not survive long if it is a contradiction between the spirit of the people and the spirit of the company. The macro-framework of society can be useful to understand the spirit of mansmaller is the name of the company. Consider the contrast between the United States, Great Britain, India, the Islamic countries and Communist countries. The governments of the country appears on the minds of the people responsible. The mind of man can be known only through knowledge of the governance system of a country. Here we can share the spirit of the people, means three types of logic Crisp Logic, Fuzzy Logic and singlemode have logic.

    Twin Logic Societies

    One can say that the people of the countrieslike the United States, Britain and most European countries usually only see the truth in black and white. They are true or false. Nearly half the people are always wrong in the opinion of the other half. In countries where there are two party government. In these countries, people think in binary or crisp logic, where there are only two possibilities, that is true or false.

    However, these countries do not have a permanent sense of right and wrong, as you can see that the governments inthese countries still change. The right of today may be wrong tomorrow, as a party can lose and win the other hand can. But at any point of time, you have only the right and the rest is false. There is also a healthy acceptance of different perspective today may be false hope that they have the right of tomorrow. This reflects the idea of tolerance, since most people tolerate half minority, despite their difference of opinions. ChangingGovernment from time to time in elections is a reflection of the reality that the spirit of the people are subject to change with time. People are willing to learn new things and change my mind. But people can not accept the partial truth and the truth is only partly true.

    Fuzzy Logic Societies

    Consider a multi-party country like India. The model of governance in India shows that at every point in time, there are many rights and many wrongly. This reflects the philosophyMentality of the people because they are used all the varieties of truth. People here believe in fuzzy logic, instead of clear logic. So, for them, the truth is always only partially, as an absolute truth may never be known. The independence of opinions requires tolerance of another person's point of view, many in India, there will be displayed. You can also find similar patterns in some European countries like Italy. This difference of opinion is also a reference to the spirit of philosophical and artisticsociety and its people, people can follow their own path and discover your destiny. No wonder that the tolerant religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism were born in India.

    Single logical Society

    Let us now focus on companies that dictatorships (like the Gulf countries, China has established) and single-party democracies by various parties such as Singapore or Russia from. Be done in these countries, governments do not change with the times andsame person or his family continue to govern. The people in these countries are those who have known only one truth, who believe so deeply that not even discuss or debate any other term. Of course, not creativity, philosophy or art can grow here. You can see that most of these dictatorships exist in Islamic countries or countries man-made doctrine. Although countries like Pakistan to test, try democracy, fail. TheConstitution of Pakistan was amended seven times. Although, technically, it was a democratically elected government in fact has always been the army of the country behind the scene, that governs. If you look closely at the history of China or Russia, you can determine that there has never been of tolerance for the opinions of others. It 'always been a provision on the doctrine, whether monarchy or communism. This doctrine is communism, but may change if a different doctrine to destroy communism. Thedemocratic government in Russia, and Singapore is no different from that of the Chinese Communist government or monarchy of the Middle East.

    Knowledge of an individual mind

    What the macro picture can give us the soul of man to say, as low? If you meet an Indian, it is unlikely that a strong position on an issue, and that will probably respect the diversity of ideas and opinions. His opinion is on practice rather than logic.

    When you arriveMan in western countries (as Americans and Europeans), which will probably have fixed opinions on all issues. However, he is willing to discuss and convince his views and you can with the knowledge on the topic of surprise that he does not agree. His opinion is on logic. If you are able to produce better arguments or convince him to another term, you can discard the old and change his vision for his new vision. However, what he believes, he believes that one hundred percent at any point of time ..It can not be any ambiguity or ambivalence in his ideas and beliefs.

    When you get to meet people and not a dictatorial country or single party system, no need to waste time in discussions, because his mind is not prepared to tolerate another point of view. No amount of logic and reasoning can change his mind.

    Conclusion: Do you appreciate diversity

    Thoughts are things that are created, much like the creation of the human body. They are not independent of the opinions ofparents or society. Just as the DNA of every cell in the body, because the whole body of the same, the same goes with the DNA of the opinion that resides in our minds. The spirit of a person who represents the spirit of society, as she brings in thousands of years of evolution, the view of society. So when the people govern changes its place of origin and in different countries to learn their opinions cosmetic changes introduced to the environment of the new country and culture, little by little.But there is nothing more than the surface of tanning or bleaching of the skin, the body of experience in which a person lives in a hot or a cold country. However, the characteristics of the person continues to work closely with people who remember the country of the parents, the part of the person. Behavior, even within a country, still people in different societies differ in spite of centuries of coexistence.
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