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India As Punjabis Go West, The Bhaiiyas Go To Punjab And 'Punjabi'

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
Dear Sangat Ji, I have been watching for sometime now.A very dangerous situation is developing in the Punjab.

While Sikh parents discourage their own children from learning and speaking in Punjabi, a new dilemna is arising in the Punjab, while most Punjabis are oblivion to it.

A new category of Punjabi speakers is emerging in the Punjab.These are known as THE BHAIIYAS among the Punjabis.Most these people have come to work inthe Punjab from Bihar, Jharkhand, Utter Pardesh and Bengal.They are now sending their children to Punjabi Government schools.The children of
these Bhaiiya migrants are learning to read and speak in Punjabi.Although their parents are immigrant bhaiiyas, the children have been thoroughly integrated into the Punjabi culture and language.Some have become Sikhs, but that number is not large enough to boost the Sikh population in the state and reassure the community.

These children are not only able to speak Punjabi fluently, they can alsoread and write Punjabi fluently.One such child of immigrant parentsstudying in the Model Town, Jalandhar Government Primary school, Nidhi, asattained the first place in the Fourth year exams, by achieving more than 70% of the marks in the Punjabi paper.The second place also went to another immigrant child Pradip who achieved over 60% of the marks.

It is now acknowleged that these children have not only increased the Punjabi speakers but have also through their large numbers saved the Punjabi government schools from closing down.In the same primary school, 173 children attend clases from the first year to the fifth year, and only 15 of these children are of original Punjabi roots, while the remainder are the off springs of the immigrant Bhaiiyas.The same situation is seen in the Radio Colony Primary school where again immigrant children outnumber the original Punjabis.The school authorities admit that if the immigrant children were not to attend these schools, the schools could close down [due to lack of the Punjabi children]. The government has made it compulsory for Punjabi to be taught in private schools as well.The situation where immigrant children outnumber the Punjabis is found both in rural and urban areas.

There is a rising worry among the Punjabis, that the day is not too far away when the the Bhaiiyas will take over the Punjab, as the new category of "Punjabis" grows up and increases its numbers.

In sharp contrast to the bhaiiyas, the Punjabis are moving on to countries abroad and mainly to the west.Among those who remain in the Punjab and can afford, are sending their children to missionary and convent schools where both English and Hindi is the main medium of instruction.

It is worrying that the "Sikh Majority Punjab" we fought for so much is now going to be again a 'Sikh Minority Punjab' in the near future if the trends above continue.

How can we stop such rot?How can we stop Punjabis from leaving the land of the Gurus, and abandonning their own language and heritage?

link inserted on advice of the poster
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SikhEKTA/ (spnadmin)


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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
This is Natural....nothing can be done either way...Human Migrations have always been happening through out history...IF Punjabi Sikhs ahd NOT migrated to Malaysia I wouldnt be a Malaysian Today...or IF my dad had accepted the Letter of offer from the Singh Sabha Manila...I would be a Filipino Sikh Today...

Just an example.... the once famous Kuala Lumpur Punjabi School at Tatt Khalsa which had over 1000 sikh studnets in its heyday and several buses to bring studnets in..in its CLOSING DOWN years had MORE INDONESIAN MALAY kids than Sikh students and since the Curriculum was Govt Aided school syllabus..NONE of the Indons learnt any Punjabi !! Finally even the Indon migrants couldnt save the school and it CLOSED...as did 13 other Govt Aided...Punjabi Khalsa Schools in Malaysia...

Lots of Malaysian Sikhs have migrated to Australia new zealand, canada UK...in a FURTHER Wave of Migration....

STAGNANCY BREEDS STENCH and mediocracy...that is why Nature keeps rivers flowing and Oceans moving..and people also keep MOVING !!

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
ADMIN JI,Gurfateh,

The Above original Article was written by me, and NOT from the SIKHBUSINESS.So why has the link been provided.This was first written, originally for SIKHEKTA Yahoo group, and then I posted to SPN, which the Sikhbusinesslink's Gurmustak Singh has acknowledged as well.

I would request that the link be removed and SIKHEKTA be acknowledged if you need to.

Would appreciate, that.

Gurcharan Singh, Kulim


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Chaan Pardesi ji

It is customary to post a link with an article. What is the link to SIKHETKTA? If you provide it I will post it. Thank you.



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