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World Arya Model Senior Secondary School Celebrated Shivratri Mahotasav

Discussion in 'Breaking News' started by rajneesh madhok, Feb 14, 2010.

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    Dr. Ram Avtar Sharma while describing the personality of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati said that possibly Swamiji was the most masterful personality of modern India. He came saw and conquered and lit the torch of resurgent Hinduism. With the superb oratorical flair, he advocated the spread of man-making education and was an untiring crusader of purity of life and chracter. Dr. Ram Avtar Sharma had been delivering the lecture on the ocassion of Shivratri Maha-utsav organized in the compound of Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Gaushala Road, Phagwara.
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    To celebrate the auspicious day of Mahashivratri and Rishi Bodh the assembly in the compound of Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Gaushala Road, Phagwara was organized. Master Bal Krishana Sabharwal performed the role of Brahma in Havan Yajana. The celebration started with the recital of devotional songs by the students of Arya Model Senior Secondary School with the recital and worshiping the almighty with the chanting of “Om hai jeevan hamara Om pran adhaar hai, Om hai karta vidhata om palan haar hai”---Om is our life and the pillar of our living, and “Ab saunp diya is jeevan ka sab bhaar tumhaare haathon mein, hai jeet tumhare haathon mein aur haar tumhare haathon mein” We have put load of my life in your hands, now the victory (Gain) and the (lose) lost battle is in your hands.
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    In the beginning of the programme Mr. Bal Krishan Sabharwal, Secretary, Arya Model Senior Secondary School said that the Saint (Rishi) is the person who has intuition about the happenings that is going to be held and the knowledge of past events, he said that I am defining this as per the writings of Upanishads. He defined that it is due to the knowledge (Gyan) that such intuition can be achieved with regular meditation.
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    Dr. kailash Nath Bhardwaj, Preseident of Arya Model Senior Secondary School introduced Dr. Ram Avtar Sharma M.A. Ph. D., Head of Hindi Department, D.A.V. College, Jalandhar and the Prominent Speaker of the function to the audience. He said that Arya Samaj is not a religion but it is the revolution of thinking. He said that Arya Samaj is marching ahead as it has brought the role of truth in real life.
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    On the concluding part Dr. Yash Chopra thanked the audiences, he highlighted on the significance of Shivratri. He said that Shivratri has great significance in Arya Samaj, because on this day Swami Dayanand Saraswati searched the path of Truth in reality. On this day He found out the reality of life. After years of continuous search, He discovered and enlightened the public about the real definition and the role of Lord Shiva. He said that Swamiji told us that in every living organisms we get knowledge (Gyan) as it already exists. I have only researched it. He told this knowledge (Gyan) is universally true and will remain in existence so the public should follow this path for the living peaceful and prosperous life.
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    On the concluding part of the occasion Dr. Yash Chopra thanked the present gathering, and with light refreshment the people dispersed with joy and enthusiasm.
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    Among other dignitaries Surinder Chopra, Manager, Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Rajneesh Madhok, Mrs. Vishav Mohini Sindhwani, Principal, Arya Model S.S. School, Dr. Jawahar Dheer, Dr. Yogendar Pal Sharma, Convener, Dharmik Samiti, Phagwara, Dharamvir Narang Cashier, Dr. Harivansh Mehta, Shiv Handa, Satish Bagga, Yogesh Prabhakar, Dharam Dutt Prabhakar, V.P. Singh Arora (Chief Editor, Vikpiran Samachar), Rajesh Adhyay, Ravi Sachdeva, Yagya Dutt Prabhakar, Madan Mohan Khattar, Ramesh Dhingra, Savitri Sardana, K.L. Sobti, Rajinder Sondhi, Swaran Deep Syal, Subhash Jain and hundreds of graceful personalities of the town graced the occasion.
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    Rajneesh Madhok,
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    This article should trigger some good debate. Thanks, rajneesh ji.
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