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Are We Creating New Devtas?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Here is an interesting thought from the French philosopher Voltaire

If God did not exist - man would have created Him.

In other words Guruji is there for us, but we can't help ourselves. Our minds are hopelessly weak until we give in completely to the Satguru.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
The question per se is not about whether Guru Ji or God is or is not for US...
the question is is Sikhism going the way of Hinduism with its 33 kror devtas...they have 33 kror..we have..10 as of now..BUT NEW ONES (*** WHOSE B{censored}ES are being celebrated even more VIGOROUSLY and with More POMP and SPLENDOUR than any Gurpurab ever is..the BABAS....just watch the Nanaksar Celebrations of Babas Nand Singh B{censored}e/Janam/ etc etc JALOOS and Celebrations every year just as an example)..are being CREATED and SET UP...for the ALTAR !!

GURU SAHIBS actively DISCOURAGED the WORSHIP OF THE DEH - SREER-HUMAN BODY...and purposely gave themsleves just a simple NUMBER - Mahella Pehla and so on even in GURBANI so as to KILL this DEVTA PHENOMENON in GURMATT. A SIKH is to be the worshipper of the SHABAD and SHABAD ONLY !!

BUT we in our own "miniscule wisdom" ( i call it FOLLY) have discarded this Core Teachings of Satguru nanak Ji Sahib...and delved into the PIT of DEVTA creation. The Firts step was to ADD "DEV" to the names of those Gurus that could be safely done so (without compromising linguistics/sounding silly- hence Guru nanak ji, Guru Angad Ji, Guru Arjun ji,had this DEV added. This was IMPOSSIBLE to do to the other SEVEN names..so those were left as they are.

As we slide deeper into this self created PIT of DEVTAS..we will definitley find that many many "so called SIKHS" will proudly call themsleves shardhaloos of Baba Nand Singh than those of Guru nanak ji ONLY...and this list will increase as time goes on....as other DEVTA BASES create a base for their OWN BABA as EQUAL to the GURU. The Radhasomai, the Namdharee, the Gurmeer ram rahim Premis, the Ashutoshes, the Bhaniyerehs, the Ravidassis,..already have their OWN "DEVTAS" samaan Gurus..when not so long ago they were SIKHS owing allegiance only to Guru nanak ji and SGGS !!:down::down::down::down::down:
Aug 17, 2009
We have forgotten that the ultimate source is Akaal Purakh. Guru Gobindsinghji Maharaj had put an end to the human form of 'Satguru' and had asked us to follow 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib' as the Guru. That I feel He meant worship of the knowledge which lead to the Akaal Purakh. We have personalised the Guru Granth Sahib and have faith in the 'palki sahibs' and all the other 'sahibs' we are coming up with.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004

READ this and you will see the proof of what i said in my Post above.
In one POSTER put up in Delhi Gurdwaras..the Baba Nand Singh is Titled SRI SACHA PATSHAH....so he is well on the WAY to equality with Sacha Patshah that is reserved so far ONLY for Guru Nanak jyot.

2. I found a U tube video...its on SPN elsewhere..where the B{censored}e/janamdin celebration JALOOS at nanaksar has a PHOTO of Baba nand Singh ji displayed on a exact simialr Palki as the one carrying SGGS !! Also proves this point about creating DEVTAS.

Second Item: Is about the BABA WADBHAG SINGH of the DHIRMALLIAH CLAN..whose followers run a DERA to drive out BHOOT PRETS etc in direct violation of SGGS Gurmatt Gurbani SRM is placed on EQUAL FOOTING on HUGE roadside HOARDINGS of Guru nanak, Gur Hargobind Ji and other Gurus of Nanak jyot.This Wadbhag Singh SHOT at Guru Teg bahdur Ji in abid to kill Guru Ji..but failed and RAN AWAY from the siksh who chased him..he escaped into the MOUNTAINS..where his dera now stands. SRM BANS any relations with the DHIRMALLEES.

Matter of Interest...( AS a side Note: Being a direct descendant of Guru Ramdass ji/Guru Arjun Jis family, the Present "baba of dera wadbhag singh/head of the Dhirmalliah clan" has an EXCEPTIONALLY LONG FLOWING BEARD..exact carbon copy of Guru ramdass Ji and Guru Arjun ji,,,,this is DNA !! UNFORTUNATELY just like Prithi Cahnd..they never inherited the SPIRITUALITY side from Guru ramdass Ji..and Guur ramdass ji had to write..OH my son..I am your father..why do you quarrel with ME ??"...Spirituality is by CHOICE...DNA is by Inheritance !!


Jun 20, 2009
From what I have seen/read I see a trend of the taking place. This coupled with the holding/control of several organizational bodies, the arguing over who "is" or "is not" Sikh. Quite strange. Nanak Ji would not qualify as a Sikh in the eyes of some by today's standards and yet by others he is nearly an avatar or devta.
Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The Sikhs today are using the "DIVIDE & RULE" concept on their own brethren - a lesson they learned well from the British Raj !

Our Gurus by the force of their character, Divine teachings, unconditional love brought the "human race" together. Our leadership is undermining the entire foundation at every level for their personal gains ( VOTES & NOTES ).

I fully subscribe to the saying: " Religion DIVIDES us & Spirituality UNITES us". My personal understanding is that all religions are different paths, leading first to spirituality & eventually to the same and one destination: God / Waheguru / White Light / Source / Paramata.

In spirituality there is no caste, colour, creed, gender, nationality or religion - it is the atma focusing on the Paramata. It appears the focus these days is on Rehit Maryada ( published in 1945) and not on the Universal Teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji - THE DIVINE LIGHT OF OUR GURUS ! This in turn has brought us to the pre-gurus period at present! Thus we tend to judge others rather than do some introspection.

The focus even of the most learned people is on personalities, not the Sikh Gurus teachings & the lessons they taught us. We often TALK about the Divine path, but tend not to WALK it. Knowledge is not of much use without regular practice !

Just imagine for a minutes if we invested our energy in Naam Simran / Paath, instead of picking apart others ( hair-splitting)! Prof. Puran Singh in his book THE SPIRIT BORN PEOPLE states:

"Be aware of the Brahmanical philosophic analysis of everything, even the most secret and complex infinites of faith, life and love. It killed them, it will kill you. Analysis is the opposite pole to feeling. I worship my mother, I love my wife, but what would they be if I wished to know them by analysis?"

With Divine Love & Blessings of Waheguru Ji to ALL !

Feb 19, 2007
Delhi India
Well said Soul_jyot ji,

Nothing is to be gained by extensive analysis and hairsplitting. Instead we should concentrate on Naam Simran, not doing nindya, doing Kirit, Vand Chak and leading a house holders life.

But at the same time we must not allow these unique at the same time simple teachings of our Gurus be lost in vast, complex and confusing diversions that are there in India. At every step you are challenged with mind numbing and confusing arguments, seemingly tempting arguments and allurements which many in a moment of weakness fall into.

For an ordinary Sikh, it is a challenge to stick to Guru's simple message when confronted by intimidating "intellectual" complex philosophies which he can barely understand but still gets overwhelmed because of the supposed credibility of the person delivering it.

This is one of the main reasons (another is ofco{censored} as ponted out repeatedly by you is our faulty leadership and lack of role models) that Sikhi has practically been lost in rural Punjab and is rapidly being depleted in other areas also.

On the optimistic side, I will also say that Sikhism has gone through many such cycles in the past (each having a period of roughly 80 to 100 years) and has emerged stronger each time. So by this reckoning another revival is due now.

Gurfateh and Chardian Kalan



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