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Are We All Born Equal?

Jun 1, 2004
The short answer: yes, but not the same, not by a long chalk.

All persons have the same qualitative make-up; we are born equal in this respect, as recognized in the values of 'Equality, Fraternity & Brotherhood.' All human beings have the same reflexes, instincts, drives, needs, capacities, and rights; all have the same powers of perception, discrimination, attentiveness, retentiveness, reasoning, and so forth.

The differences between persons are quantitative rather than qualitative. 'Equality' is to do with our qualities, that we all share, but not the degree to which they are developed.

We each differ in the degree of our various spiritual, mental, emotional and physical abilities, and in the manner in which the amounts of the various traits combine in our individuality. A wide range of aptitude, personality, learning and intelligence tests will show differences as high as 25:1 from person to person, with a characteristic bell-shaped distribution curve, in much the same way as physical characteristics are varied.

It is these quantities, which are such an important factor in personal competence, creativity and ultimately our success in life, that personal development courses aim to increase. It is through our differences that we are able to express our individuality and achieve unique goals.

Fortunately it is possible to develop our skills, talents, maturity and intelligence to high degrees, using appropriate techniques. Our faculties of vision, communication, concentration and will, learning and reading skills, logic, memory, intuition and creativity, music and sports, and so on - can all be improved.

I feel that it is a mistake to belittle the differences between individuals due to a fear of being seen as judgmental or non-accepting of a person who has little of certain qualities. It is much better to be realistic (which is truly to be non-judgmental and accepting) and recognize the strength and weakness of our various qualities. Then we can take advantage of the the opportunities which are available to develop and improve ourselves, toward the goal of fulfilling our potential.

Even our weaknesses may play a part in our potential greatness. Julian Lieb, in the book 'The Key to Genius,' describes how manic depression is a state of mind that many creative geniuses have suffered from. A manic state can accelerate intellectual functions of both sides of the brain, leading to imaginative ideas and visions. On the other hand, when it is not severe enough to reduce intellectual functions, being in a depressed state can help supply the critical judgment needed to correct the extravagances of mania. It also promotes the calm, patient, disciplined effort, the revision and polishing, that is an essential ingredient of most kinds of creative work.

The yearning for a stable, reliable way of interpreting reality may lead an emotionally unstable person to study the objective sciences. Many of the questions that philosophers address are inspired by the need to understand the reasons for their suffering. The pain of suffering leads people to ask ultimate questions about life, death, good, evil, the nature of man, of the Universe and of God. The experience of bad times can give emotional depth to an artist's work and provide him or her with themes that speak to the experiences of all persons. It may compel the artist to try, through creative expression, to transcend the human condition and illuminate new paths of experience. To move forward then, we need to accept and make the most of who we are right now. To express ourselves truthfully and learn from what others have to say. And to take advantage of the opportunities we have, to develop the skills that can enhance our abilities to create and achieve great things. To celebrate our individuality!


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,

We are not born equal. There is a genetic component which is different. In addition, the exposure to different hormones in varying concentration leads to differences as the fetus grows. The difference is also caused by the nurishment that the mother recieves prior to conception and during pregnancy and when she is feeds the baby. The mental state of the mother also inluences the development of fetus. The physical activities of the mother during pregnancy and the quality of air in which lives and that of the water all influences the fetus development.

From this one can make out how complex are the influence parameters which impact of the development of fetus. Naturally this will lead to differences and all of us cannot be born equal.

If one include rebirth, then past Karmas will make it impossible for any one to be born equal.

With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh
Dec 27, 2004
Hertfordshire England
Good day dear friends.

This is not an easy question to answer.

First you would need to understand the meaning of equal. I gallon UK = 1.201 gallons US.

However equal used in relationship to measuring each human is not an absolute measurement.

As humans what are we actually equal in?


May 17, 2005
London, UK
What sort of rubbish is this? Of course we are all different in size, shape, colour, faith, intelect etc.. This though has no bearing on the question of whether we are all born equal. Of course we are. We all have equal right to God, equal right to life, equal right to be treated humanly, and loved.

Hands up any who disagree?


Dec 27, 2004
Hertfordshire England
Hi Lee I am I know being bloody minded but isn't what you state there a right to an ideal and not a fact of equality.

  • all mankind has an equal right to clean water.
  • all mankind has an equal right to healthcare
  • all mankind has an equal right to the air
  • all mankind has an equal right to food

They say we are only equal in death.




May 17, 2005
London, UK
Hey Jonh, long time no umm hear from?!!?

I guess if you did not have a faith then the equal right to God, could be called a right to an ideal.

As for being loved and treated humanly, naaa that is a cold hard fact.

No matter where you come from, or your circumstances you still have the same right as I do to to be loved and treated with humanity.



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