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Controversial Anti–Sikh Vaisakhi Propaganda Aimed At Silencing Sikh Voices On Human Rights Abuses In India And 198




1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Anti –Sikh Vaisakhi Propaganda Aimed At Silencing Sikh Voices On Human Rights Abuses In India And 1984 Sikh Genocide

Forum members the link for this article leads to a page that says, Not Found; however the article is still visible. Same is true for the South Asia Link mirror site. I don't know what that means however here it is,

The South Asian Link News Paper : The oldest Indo Canadian Newspaper

SURREY - The LINK’s coverage analysis of the Vaisakhi fallout and subsequent attempts by anti-Sikh forces to drive a dagger into the faith was widely received in the Indo-Canadian community, including some criticism, but also much praise for saying it like it is!

We highlighted that how the controversy of stupid comments (which police confirmed were not threats by any measure) by Inderjit Singh Bains, a low level organizer of the Surrey Khalsa Day parade were played up the Vancouver Sun’s Reporters-With-An-Agenda with the hopes of manufacturing a widespread fall out for the community and a platform for Sikh haters like controversial turncoat Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh and the equally controversial and useless MLA Dave Hayer to spew continuing insults and innuendos against 99.9 percent of the Sikhs that had nothing to do with any of the nonsense.

But the mass hysteria is obviously designed to use Khalistani ideologues and some fringe extremists and their actions to suppress the legitimate and dominant Sikh community voices against human rights abuses in India, the Sikh genocide of 1984 in New Delhi, where thousands of Sikhs were slaughtered at what was basically State ordered death squads backed by their leaders such as former Congress MPs Sajjan Kumar (no facing charges) and Jagdish Tytler (who remains suspect despite Congress party attempts to get him off) and current Congress MP Kamal Nath, who also remains a suspect and was ordered by a US court to appear on charges of abusing human rights.

The anti-Sikh hysteria has conveniently given a chance to India-lovers like Dosanjh and Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai to up the India is great propaganda and Sikhs are extremists. Obhrai, who is another useless Indo-Canadian MP, introduced a motion in the House of Commons this week that reads: “India is the world's largest multicultural democracy. It also has a well established legal process.”

What a joke – Obhrai seems obviously blind to so many cases of injustice and human rights abuses by India and it’s judicial system as is the case with the Sikh genocide and atrocities against Muslims and Christians. Obhrai has shown his distaste for the Sikh community by partying with another 1984 accused murder current Congress Minister Kamal Nath during his recent visit to Canada.

What neither Dosanjh nor Obhrai have done or any Canadian MP for that matter has done is bring a motion in parliament condemning the mass murder of Sikhs in 1984 in New Delhi by government backed forces.

It’s disgraceful that Prime Minister Stepehen Harper recently condemned a similar genocide in an Eastern European country with big press releases but all MPs of all political parties have been silent when it comes to abuses against Sikhs.


BECAUSE SIKH HATERS AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA PUMP UP THE SIKH EXTREMIST ANGLE AND PAINT ALL SIKHS AS OUT OF CONTROL KHALISTANIS – despite the fact that there have been no cases of Sikh extremists or militants being charged over the last two decades for any terrorist wrongdoing, including alleged threats against Dosanjh made now and those made against him before.

So in the absence of real criminals or culprits they can point to – the Sikh haters simply point to martyr floats and other such phony signs of extremism that really doesn’t exist here in Canada.

They are even deaf to expert voices like that of experienced crime reporter Salim Jiwa, the author of the Air India bombing story – The Death of Flight 182 – who says that rise of Khalistan extremists is a bad joke – something loud mouth Dosanjh is a good at making – bad jokes that is – like suggesting Khalistanis buy land in Alberta to make their state there. Funny – how no one questioned him about that in parliament!

“Some die-hard Sikhs insist on respect for their ‘warriors’ who died. Clearly, because of Air India, we find it hard to believe that Parmar would be paraded as a martyr. But our constitution allows for dissent, it allows for freedom of expression and there is nothing illegal about the float,” Jiwa told LINK columnist Ken Herar last week.

“I can categorically say that there is no concern about Khalistan issue being revived in the absence of searing emotional issues such as the attack on the Golden Temple,” said Salim Jiwa, former Province crime reporter and author of the Air India Flight 182.”

Many Sikhs are frustrated by buffoons like Dosanjh and Obhrai and how the mainstream media keeps pumping them up without giving a challenge to their nonsense from many sane voices like the WSO and other Sikhs. But their challenge is not allowed for fear to messing up the “SIKHS ARE BAD AND SIKHS ARE EXTREMISTS” Label.

In fact, the coverage in the Vancouver Sun has been so bad that the newspaper never gave a chance for other opinions of voices on the propaganda it created. For example – it never mentioned that the martyr float was approved by RCMP and the city. It also never clarified that the radio threats were really non-threats and didn’t deserved to be played up. It didn’t print numerous clarifications provided by Sikh groups like the WSO. WHAT KIND OF SH.. JOURNALISM IS THIS?

Here is the real dichotomy. The former Jewish family owned and now bankrupt Vancouver Sun and it’s company’s chain of newspapers endlessly print pro-Israeli propaganda in its papers designed as legitimate news and views despite the horrendous human rights abuses record the murderous state of Israel has – ask Palestinians and Christians in Gaza and areas surrounding Israel. The mass murders of innocent people by the state of Israel – check with Amnesty International or the UN for references and state of brutality – is somehow okay but a group of Sikhs showing martyrs and shouting independent homeland chants is terrorism of the highest order. That the Sun no longer has any credibility left when it comes to covering the Sikh community goes without saying.

Dosanjh, who has been spewing anti-Sikh sentiments for years and got his best opportunity last week to show just how much he hates the community, which doesn’t like him much either, is a loud mouth who is most times ignore by the community.

But last week Dosanjh went berserk, saying Sikh extremists were the product of multiculturalism (it seems Dosanjh is going senile in his old age) but he has been very silent in condemning thousands of innocent Sikhs killed in India by the Indian government.

The LINK wrote last week: “WHY HAVE YOU BEEN SILENT ON THIS, MR. DOSANJH? DO YOU THINK THEIR LIVES DIDN’T MEAN MUCH? WOULD YOU SAY THE SAME ABOUT THE JEWS WHO WERE KILLED BY NAZIS? No, Mr. Turncoat we must say what was wrong in the past remains wrong and we must make sure that people know the wrongs – in this case the INJUSTICES AGAINST THE SIKHS IN INDIA!

But Dosanjh’s antics are designed to get votes, especially since he barely won his South Vancouver seat in the last election and again needs the sympathy votes to win this time. He is a self-serving opportunist who masquerades as a statesman, easily able to persuade the mainstream media to malign Sikhs in what seems like a mutually-beneficial arrangement.