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Another Jolt For Maryada Uniformity Move

Discussion in 'Hard Talk' started by Archived_Member16, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    SPNer Thinker

    Jan 7, 2005
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    Takht Patna Sahib calls SGPC chief
    Another jolt for Maryada uniformity move
    Varinder Walia
    Tribune News Service

    Amritsar, August 12
    Even as Takhts at Patna Sahib and Hazoor Sahib have not yet implemented the Nanakshahi Calendar approved by Akal Takht and Shiromani Committee, the summoning of SGPC president at Takht Patna Sahib would further cause complications in forging uniformity of Maryada (Sikh traditions) of all takhts.

    The Maryada of Takhts Patna Sahib and Hazoor Sahib is different from that of Akal Takht, Kesgarh Sahib and Damdama Sahib. While the recitation of Dasam Granth is a part of the daily Maryada of Takhts Patna Sahib and Hazoor Sahib, it is not done at the Takhts of Punjab.

    It is not for the first time that Giani Iqbal Singh, Jathedar Patna Sahib, has embarrassed Jathedar Akal Takht or the SGPC. In May 2003, an emergency meeting of five Sikh high priests held at Takht Patna Sahib had declared that Akal Takht had no right to declare any ‘hukamnama’ (edict) issued from any Takht as ‘null and void’.

    The ‘hukamnama’ signed by the Sikh high priests of Patna Sahib read: “The Sikh clergy of Takht Patna Sahib were competent to issue any directive or edict and hence Akal Takht could not challenge its authority”. The edict further stated that: “If Akal Takht would take any decision against the ‘hukamnama’ issued from Takht Patna Sahib, it would be considered most unfortunate and anti-Panthic”.

    He had claimed: “Takht Patna Sahib is the supreme Takht established by Guru Gobind Singh. Hence any directive issued from Takht Patna Sahib cannot be challenged”.

    Sounding a note of warning, Giani Iqbal Singh had stated that if Jathedar Vedanti initiated any action against him, he (Jathedar Vedanti) could also be summoned at Takht Patna Sahib.

    In an unprecedented move in June 2004, the Sikh clergy of Patna Sahib had summoned the Jathedar of Akal Takht, Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, Giani Gurdit Singh, then member of the SGPC’s Dharam Parchar Committee, and another Sikh scholar, Mohan Singh Guard. They were asked to personally clarify their position regarding the book “Mundawni”, authored by Giani Gurdit Singh.

    It was for the first time that the jathedar of Akal Takht had been summoned by the Sikh clergy of another Takht .

    The next year, i.e. in 2005, Giani Iqbal Singh had threatened to boycott the meetings of Akal Takht after jathedar Vedanti said that the clergy would discuss the charges of polygamy received at Akal Takht secretariat.

    However, jathedar Iqbal Singh is reportedly annoyed with the SGPC because he had not included the jathedar and deputy jathedars of Takht Patna Sahib in the committee constituted for appointing four granthis of the Golden Temple.
    However, it is learnt that jathedar Iqbal Singh had the tacit support of jathedar Vedanti and Giani Gurbachan Singh, head granthi of the Golden Temple, who would be removed as granthis after the new appointments because they are on extension.
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  3. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Malaysia
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    Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
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    Jul 4, 2004
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    There is ample evidence that Guru hargobind Sahib Ji founded - built the Akal Takhat with his own Hands, and sat on it as SACHA PATSHAH wearing MIRI and PIRI swords. The AKAL TAKHAT is Throne of AKAL (PURAKH) and the GURU used it to issue Hukmanamas.
    TODAY the GURU is the SHABAD GURU...and AKAL PURAKH is the true owner of his Takhat. The GURU issues His HUKMNAMA Daily ( when Sahib Guru Granth sahib ji is Parkash every morning).
    Immediately after Guur hargobind Ji left Amritsar....it was controlled by the ANTI-SIKH Dhirmalias/prithichand descendants and the sodhis/PUJAREES) and none of the remaining GURUS even visited either Akal Takhat or Haramndir Sahib. Guur teg bahdur ji came once..BUT was LOCKED OUT by the PUJAREES and Guur Ji Left never to return. Guru Gobind Singh ji also never viisted this place.
    2. The Fifth Takhat Damdama Sahib in Sabo ki Talwandi was declared so by Sant fateh Singh/Sant Channnan Singh in 1960 despite stiff opposition from many Sikhs including exJathedar Akal takhat Partap Singh who wrote many articles and book saying why there should be NO Fifth takhat. For many years some sikhs continued to do ardass of FOUR Takhats...slowly these faded away.

    3. Patna Sahib and nanded Sahib have a different maryada that is not as per Akal Takhat/SGPC.

    Gyani jarnail singh
  4. The Khalsa Fauj

    The Khalsa Fauj
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    Dec 1, 2006
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    Guru Sahib created only one Takht which is Akaal Takht. Others are made by illeterate Sikhs who didn't understand the concept of Akaal Takht. Also, Patna can never be takht. It was birth place of Gobind Rai and not Guru Gobind Rai.
  5. drkhalsa

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    Sep 16, 2004
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    Gyani Jarnail Singh ji

    That was excellent post as always
    Yes I came to know about through my friend in the recent past about Talwandi Sabo
    Anyways Nihangs living Just beside the Talwandi Saboo Takhat also claim them self to be UNIQUE MOBILE TAKHAT

    Is this was the crieteria for making patna takaht
    if its true then this is news to me

    Anyways Takhats beside AKAL TAKHAT were just like preaching an d administration centres for sikhs living in far places and could really serve as Preaching HUB for sikhism

    I wish more of such centres/Takhat be opened in Future and may even Abroad for the same Purpose


    JAtinder Singh
  6. vijaydeep Singh

    vijaydeep Singh
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    Jul 30, 2004
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    There have been attempts since 1976 onwards with the help of communnists and conggress men to dilute the power of Akal Takhat.

    as during emergency all the opposition of Indira Gandhi took shelter under Akal Takhats might.

    So we can make as mnay Takhats as we want but highest is to be Akal Takhat.
  7. Randip Singh

    Randip Singh
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    Writer Historian SPNer Thinker Supporter

    May 25, 2005
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    Evidence please.

    Who is Gobind Rai as opposed to Guru Gobind Rai?
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