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1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Another 1984 Sikh Genocide Site Found In Jammu

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
May 27, 2011

Another 1984 Sikh Genocide Site found in Jammu


AISSF-SFJ to File Writ Petition before Jammu and Kashmir High Court Against Government’s Lack of Action on F.I.R Regarding Killing of Sikhs

A Mass Grave has been discovered in District Reasi, Jammu & Kashmir where 16 Sikhs were mercilessly murdered by crushing their heads on November 1, 1984. The victims were inside Gurudwara Singh Sabha Talwara colony when the attackers came for them on November 1, 1984, dragged them out and murdered them by crushing their heads with stones and rocks.

According to the 26 years old FIR and other official documents excavated by AISSF and SFJ, 16 Sikhs who were attacked and killed on November 1, 1984 in Talwara Colony, Reasi, Jammu & Kashmir were mostly employees working at nearby Salar Dam. On November 1, 1984, a group of attackers came to the Gurudwara Singh Sabha Talwara Colony where the victims had taken shelter. The attackers got hold of the victims and then tortured to death 16 of them by crushing and grinding their heads with rocks and stones.

AISSF & SFJ announced that they will file a writ petition before Jammu and Kashmir High Court against the Government’s inaction against killing of 16 deaths. It is a matter of grave concern that “despite the evidence and filing of FIR, the killing and murder of 16 Sikhs in Reasi Jammu was not even investigated let alone prosecuted”, stated attorney Gurpatwant Singh Pannun Legal Advisor to Sikhs For Justice

According to Karnail Singh Peermohammad President AISSF, not only the killing of Sikhs in Reasi was brutal and ruthless but the continuous denial of justice is also equally ruthless. Just like the case of Hondh-Chillar Mass Grave, AISSF and SFJ will also take action in the case of Reasi killing by approaching the High Court and by seeking justice for the Sikh victims, added Peermohammad.

AISSF and SFJ released the copies of F.I.R filed 26 years ago and the copies of other documents along with the list of the 16 Sikhs who were killed on November 1984 at Reasi, Jammu & Kashmir.

Names of Sikhs Killed during the Genocide

Ratan Singh Son Of Chetan Singh Foremen,Village Mastuana Post Of Badala Bangar,Gurdaspur, Punjab
Mukhtyar Singh Son Of Preetam Singh Post Office Rosi Kehla Badala Bangar,Gurdaspur, Punjab
Heera Singh Son Of Mukhtar Singh Jwala Flour Mil Bhai Gurnampura Street Shekhwa Wali Amritsar(Punjab)
Ranjit Singh Son Of Sadu Singh Foreman.Village Bartiya Postoffice Raowalagarh,Nagar Solan Himachal Pardesh
Manjit Singh Son Of Sohan Singh Electricians Village Lidopur Post Office Kahnowal Gurdaspur(Punjab)
Satnam Singh S/O Bachan Singh Telephone Inspector,Village Nawan,Post Office Babehali Gurdaspur(Punjab)
Giyan Singh S/O Amar Singh Vill.Hargowala, Postoffice And Distt.Hoshairpur(Punjab)
Rashpal Singh Vill.Mansak Distt Hoshairpur Punjab
Tersaim Singh S/O Charan Singh Atwal,Vill And Distt Thahto Chak,Teh-Tarntarn,Distt Amritsar(Punjab)
Beer Singh S/O Suriya Vill And Postoffice Galgalri,Distt Gurdaspur(Punjab)
Resham Singh S/O Mohan Singh Vill And Teh-Nusapanna Dist- Hoshairpur(Punjab)
Ratan Singh S/O Lal Singh Dyanpura Poatoffice Narula Gurdaspur
Amar Singh S/O Ranjit Singh Vill And Post Office Raipur Madan,Tahal Bansal ,Dist-Himachal Pradesh
Surinder Singh S/O Preetam Singh Matrala,Post Office Bahat Dist-Gurdaspur
Janak Singh Poni Shayad Parakh Jammu
Bhupinder Singh S/O Jaswant Singh,Vill-Singhpura Baramulla(Kashmir)

source: http://sikhactivist.net/?p=2774

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