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And Hows That Working For You?

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

One of my customers, from Liverpool, with a strong accent, I am quite fond of. He specialises in therapy, and is a commited Catholic. We have had many pleasant discussions about religion, the world, life etc. I know he gives his time up free to provide therapy to people, in short, he understands the core principles of Sikhsim, and if I did not know him better, I would think he was a Sikh.

I have a very destructive side, which in years gone by, has been allowed to run riot, resulting in various battle scars of life, I lump all these destructive facets into one personality, my wolf, he is sleeping at present, but every now and then, I hear him in my head, sometimes, when this customer comes to see me, I share with him some of the thoughts and desires that manifest inside me, he will listen quietly, and at the end he will always say the same thing, "this thought, this desire, that you feel is taking you over, is dominating you, hows that working for you?"

I always end up in peals of laughter, take for example the other day, something happened with regards a laptop I had sold, and this situation has happened several times, so I mentioned I would no longer be offering that service anymore, and complained to him bitterly about people today.

As always, he listened, nodded, and then said the magic words, "so hows that working for you?"

Well, I said, not very well, its making me feel angry and frustrated, more smiling, more laughing, sometimes we think and do things that are born out of anger, out of frustration, the desire for revenge, for justice, for the score to be evened, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but all it does is turn you from a nice person, a special person, into the common denominator, an angry person, and anger, is a hugely destructive emotion.

Next time you feel angry, next time you feel undervalued, that no one appreciates the hard work you do, or the time and energy you put into things, and you feel like stopping, like changing, like being like everyone else, a whining, angry, petty individual, just stop, and think, "how is this working for me?"

I wager you will come to the same answer that I always do, "not very well................."


Dec 4, 2011
You have shown a new angle to that phrase.:icecreammunda:

I always thought that it was a sarcastic remark that one makes when they know that your tasks are not going to plan or as you had hoped and then they sarcastically ask ''well, how's that working/going for you ?'':peacesign:

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

I have actually started to ask myself this everytime I have a negative thought.

some examples,.

I do not want to give to charity anymore

ok hows that working for you? uhm I feel petty and selfish

Thats it, I am stopping going out of my way to help people

ok hows that working for you? uhm it makes me feel sad and self centred

Thats it, I give up being patient and viewing it from the other persons point of view

ok hows that working for you? I am angrier and less patient, I argue more, I see only my own point.

Thats it, Im not taking the dogs out for a walk regardless of weather,

ok hows that working for you? I cannot relax with three dogs looking at me with big eyes while I try and watch TV

I refuse to be the first to kiss and make up after a disagreement

ok hows that working for you? uhm disagreements that used to be sorted out in minutes now last hours

I am fed up compromising, no more compromising, its my way or the highway

ok hows that working for you? I have never spent so much time on the highway, what a waste of time and energy

and so forth. feel free to add your own!:singhfacepalm:

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
"How is it working for you"?

A question asked on 1429 pages of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, our only Guru repeatedly to us, starting from Mool Mantar, by Guru Nanak to our 9th Guru Teg Bahadur through his saloks, and by many other visionary Gurus, Bhagats Sheikhs in between.

How is THAT working for you?

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