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Anand sahib

swarn bains

Apr 9, 2012
Anand Sahib ( Song of Bliss)

Raamkalee, Third Mahalla, The Song Of Bliss:

There is one God. He is realized by guru’s grace.

I am happy O my mother that I found my guru.

Finding guru I attained peace and contentment and my mind sings songs of joy.

The family came to sing God’s praises with love and musical instruments in classical tunes through gurus teaching

All those who enshrine God in the mind sing God’s praises through guru’s teaching.

Says Nanak, I am happy that I found my guru. ||1||

O my mind; remain absorbed in God forever.

Remain absorbed in God O my mind;

all sufferings will be eliminated.

He will help you and fulfill your deeds.

Our Lord is capable of doing everything; why forget Him from your mind

Says Nanak, O my mind, remain absorbed in God forever. ||2||

O true Lord; what do not you have in your home

Everything is in Your home; only they receive whom You give. They say Your praises forever enshrining You in the mind.

Those who have your name enshrined in the mind; infinite divine music plays in their mind through guru’s teachings.

Says Nanak, O true Lord; what do not You have in your home ||3||

The true Name is my resolve.

The true Name is my resolve; it satisfies all hunger.

It brought peace and contentment to my mind and fulfilled my desires.

I admire the guru forever, who possesses such greatness.

Says Nanak, listen, O saints; enshrine guru’s teachings in your mind with love.

The true Name is my resolve. ||4||

The homes where divine music plays with five types of musical instruments through guru’s teachings are fortunate.

Blessed are those in whose home the divine music plays by God’s grace.

You controlled the five demons and destroyed the thorn of death.

Those with such preordained destiny recite God’s name.

Says Nanak, they are at peace, and the infinite divine music plays in their home. ||5||

Without true love, the body is humble.

The body is humble without God’s name; what can it do.

No one except You is powerful; please be kind O Lord of the universe.

There is no place for me; please guide me through guru’s teachings. Says Nanak, without Your love, what can the poor do ||6||

Everyone talks of happiness but the happiness is obtained through the guru.

Eternal happiness is obtained through the guru by God’s grace.

Sins are eliminated by His grace through medicine of divine wisdom.

Those who eradicate worldly attachment from their mind are saved through guru’s teachings.

Says Nanak, this is happiness that comes from the guru. ||7||

O elder; whom You give obtains it

Whoever You give receives it; others cannot do anything.

Some deluded by doubt wander in ten directions. Some recite God and are saved.

By guru’s grace, the mind becomes pure of those who believe in God’s will.

Says Nanak, whom God blesses receives it O Beloved; ||8|| Come, beloved saints, let us say the untold story of the Lord.

Let us say the untold story that explains how to realize God.

Surrender body, mind and wealth to the guru, obey his command and realize God.

Obey guru’s command, and sing the true sermon.

Says Nanak, listen, O saints, let us say the untold story of the Lord. ||9||

O erratic mind, through cleverness, no one realizes God.

Through cleverness, no one found Him; listen, O my mind.

This worldliness is enticing, that deludes the mind.

He who created the creation created the enticing worldliness.

I admire Him who created the enticing emotional attachment;

Says Nanak, O erratic mind, no one found Him through smart ideas. ||10||

O beloved mind, recite God forever.

This family which you see shall not go with you.

If it does not go with you; why are you attached to it

Don’t do anything that you will regret in the end.

Listen to the teachings of the guru; these shall go with you.

Says Nanak, O beloved mind, recite God forever. ||11||

O inaccessible and unfathomable Lord.

Your limits cannot be found.

No one can find Your limits; only You know Yourself

All living beings are Your play; what can anyone say

You say and look after everything.

You created the universe.

Says Nanak, You are inaccessible.

Your limits cannot be found. ||12||

The demy-gods, beings and sages search for divine wisdom which is obtained from the guru.

Obtain divine wisdom by guru’s grace and enshrine God in the mind.

You created all beings.

Some think and search for You.

Their greed and ego are dispelled by guru’s grace.

Says Nanak, those with whom God is pleased, obtain divine wisdom through the guru. ||13||

The way of devotees is unique.

The devotee’s way is unique; it is a difficult way to follow.

They renounce greed, ego and desire and do not talk too much.

This way is sharper than a sword and finer than a hair.

You have to follow it.

Those who self surrender by guru’s grace, they start thinking of God.

Says Nanak, the way of devotee’s is unique in all ages and forever. ||14||

As You ask me, so I do O my Lord

I do not know any of Your virtues.

As You cause them, so they do

Whoever You guide they serve You.

Those whom You inspire by Your grace; recite Your name.

Those whom You impart Your sermon, find peace in guru’s refuge.

Says Nanak, O my Lord; keep me as You please. ||15|| This song of praise looks adorable through guru’s teachings.

The guru told this adorable song of praise through his teachings.

It enshrines in the mind of those with preordained destiny.

Some wander talking a lot, but no one realizes God by talking.

Says Nanak, guru revealed the beautiful God’s praise through his teachings. ||16||

Those humble beings who recite God become sacred.

The guru-willed who recite God become sacred.

Their mother, father, family and their whole congregation becomes sacred.

Those who say, those who listen to God’s name become sacred by enshrining His name in the mind.

Says Nanak, the guru-willed who recite God become sacred; ||17||

Through fate peace does not well up.

Without peace the doubt does not go away.

The doubt does not depart by self-control; many tried it

The soul is polluted by doubt; how can it be cleansed

Wash your mind through guru’s teachings and enshrine God in the mind.

Says Nanak, peace wells up by guru’s grace; this is how the doubt departs. ||18||

Inwardly polluted but outwardly pure.

Those who are pure outside but dirty inside lose their life in a gamble.

They are sick with greed; they forgot God from the mind. The scriptures describe that God’s name is pure but he does not hear this and wanders like a demon.

Says Nanak, those who forsake truth and cling to falsehood, lose their lives in a gamble; ||19||

Those who are pure inside are pure outside as well.

They are pure inside out; they obtained it by serving the guru.

When truth wells in the mind, affect of falsehood does not touch them.

Those who earn the jewel God’s name in this human life are good merchants.

Says Nanak, those whose minds are pure, live with the guru forever. ||20||

If a disciple obeys and serves the guru devotionally

If a disciple obeys the guru sincerely and enshrines guru in the mind

He humbly worships the guru by enshrining him in the mind.

Renouncing ego he remains attached to the guru;

He does not know anyone else except the guru.

Says Nanak, listen, O saints: such disciple follows the guru with love is a beloved of the guru. ||21||

One who turns away from the guru; does not attain salvation without the guru.

No one attains salvation any other way; go and ask the wise people.

He may wander through many lives still cannot attain salvation without the guru.

Liberation is attained, when one is attached to guru’s feet and the guru imparts him the teachings.

Says Nanak, think this; no one attains salvation without guru. ||22||

Come, O beloved guru’s disciples; listen to the true sermon.

Sing guru’s sermon, the supreme sermon of sermons.

Those who are blessed by God enshrine it in the mind.

Enjoy divine wisdom and fall in love with God and recite His name.

Says Nanak, sing this true discourse forever. ||23||

Without the guru, other sermons are false.

The sermon other than guru’s lesson is false.

The speakers are false; listeners are false; those who speak and recite are false.

They may say God God forever but never think of it.

Those enticed by the worldliness just make noise.

Says Nanak, without the guru, other speeches are false ||24||

Guru’s teaching is a jewel studded by diamonds.

If guru’s teaching touches your mind then you enshrine it in the mind.

When guru’s teaching enshrines in your mind, you start loving God.

He is the diamond; He is the jewel whom God reveals it.

Says Nanak, guru’s teaching is a jewel studded with diamonds. ||25||

He created the worldly power and yet God issues His command.

He issues and enforces His command; only a few guru-willed realize it.

They break bonds and attain liberation enshrining guru’s teachings in the mind.

Those whom God blesses become guru-willed and focus their mind on God.

Says Nanak, God the Creator reveals His command. ||26||

The scriptures contemplate sin and sacred, but do not know the reality.

The ignorant do not know the reality without the guru;

The world is asleep in three worldly qualities in doubt; it passes the night sleeping.

Those who enshrine God in the mind wake up by guru’s grace and speak sacred words.

Says Nanak, those; who love God know the reality and spend the night life awake. ||27||

He nourished us in mother’s womb; why forget Him from the mind

Why forget such a great bestowal, who gave us food in the heat of the womb

Nothing can harm one, whom the Lord inspires to love Him.

He inspires us to love Him and the guru-willed recite God forever.

Says Nanak, why forget such a great bestowal from the mind ||28||

As is the heat in the womb, so is worldliness outside.

The heat and worldliness is the same.

God sets this play; According to His will, the child is born, and the family is pleased.

God’s love wears off; the child becomes greedy; the worldliness runs its course.

This is the worldliness that makes the child forget God.

Worldly attachment and love of duality wells up. Says Nanak, those attuned to God by guru’s grace, realize God even in the middle of worldliness. ||29||

The Lord is priceless; His worth cannot be estimated.

His worth cannot be estimated, people get tired of trying.

If you meet such a guru, surrender to him, the ego will depart. You meet whom you belong.

God comes to dwell in the mind.

God is priceless; those attached to God are fortunate O Nanak. ||30||

The Lord is my capital; my mind is the merchant.

The Lord is my capital, and my mind is the merchant.

I realized this through the guru.

Recite God all the time o my mind and reap the reward of your effort.

This wealth is obtained by those who are pleasing to God’s will.

Says Nanak, the Lord is my capital, and my mind is the merchant. ||31||

O my tongue, you are enticed by other tastes; your thirst will not go away

Your thirst shall not be quenched by any means until you enjoy the subtle essence of the Lord.

If you obtain God’s essence and enjoy it; you will not be thirsty again.

God’s taste is acquired by those who meet the guru.

Says Nanak, when God enshrines in the mind, all other tastes are forgotten; ||32||

O my body, God infused soul in you that is how you came into the world.

God infused soul in you then you came into the world.

God is the mother the father who brought you in the world to see it.

By guru’s grace, some understand and start thinking and see the world function.

Says Nanak, He laid the foundation of the universe, and infused His light, then you came into the world; ||33||

My mind became happy, hearing of God’s coming.

Sing the songs of joy, O friends; my house has become a temple.

Sing songs of joy every day; sorrow and pain will not bother you.

When I touch guru’s feet is an auspicious time and I realize my beloved.

Divine sermon is realized through guru’s teaching and I enjoy love of God’s name.

Says Nanak, I realized God the doer and cause of causes. ||34||

O my body, what did you do after taking birth in this world Since you came in the world; what did you do O my body

God who created you; you did not enshrine him in the mind.

By preordained destiny God abides in the mind by guru’s grace.

Says Nanak, this body is accepted when one’s mind attaches to the guru. ||35||

O my eyes, God infused His light in you; do not see anyone else but God

Do not see anyone other than God; you will be content by His grace.

This evil world you see is God’s image; you see God in it.

By guru’s grace, I understand and see God; there is no one but God

Says Nanak, these eyes were blind.

Meeting the guru, I see everything now. ||36||

O my ears, you were created to hear the name of the true Lord.

You were attached to the body really to hear God’s sermon.

Hearing it, the mind and body are rejuvenated and the tongue is absorbed in sublime Godly taste.

The true Lord is unseen and amazing.

His divine state cannot be described. Says Nanak, listen to God’s sacred name and become sacred.

God sent you to listen to Godly truth. ||37||

God placed the soul in the cave and played the music of air.

Playing the music of air he opened nine doors and kept the tenth secret.

Lovingly attaching to guru’s refuge the tenth door is revealed.

There are many priceless forms of the Lord, his limits cannot be found.

Says Nanak, God placed the soul in the body and you started breathing air. ||38||

Sing this true song of praise in true Lord’s home.

Sing song of praise in the true home; where God is recited forever.

The guru-willed whom you reveal, recite Your name by Your grace.

This truth is Lord the master of all; whoever He blesses obtains it.

Says Nanak, sing the true song of praise in true Lord’s home (mind). ||39||

Listen with love O fortunate; your wishes are fulfilled.

I realized God the supreme Lord and all sorrows are forgotten.

Pain, illness and doubt departed listening to the true sermon.

The saints and friends realized God through guru’s teachings.

Pure are listeners and speakers; true guru is omnipresent.

Prays Nanak; touching guru’s feet, the infinite divine music plays. ||40||


Nov 5, 2010
Sat Sri Akaal,


For Sikhs understanding and contemplation of WORD for practice.

Guru Granth Sahib has no feet, so whose feet translators are interpreting to touch.

Or it's a metaphor but mistranslated to connect to babes, parcharaks( without vision or essence of word). As a metaphor it is interpreted as
Gur Skill (Skill to connect through word ie the way of vicarious learning ie getting vocal, visual and essence of word by reading reciting, and essence is prompt for physical action)

Charan Lagey Is following of foots teps for Eg if one go to Delhi Metro one gets to destination following foot steps.
VAJEY Is tune of expression which form speech, and other form of expressions.

One Get attuned to infinity and abundance of Nature.

But Mind needs dependency of feet to get education, even when the WAY is available.

So its Guidance which give the Way to physical action.

The parcharaks, deras, babas hold no blame but translators misinterpret and further unchecked circulation which makes the followance of Action.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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