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Anand Sahib - Pauri 34th

Discussion in 'Anand Banee' started by Amarpal, Apr 5, 2005.

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Dear Khalsa Ji,

    It is my understanding of the 34th Pauri of Anand Sahib that I share with you in this post.

    1. min cwau BieAw pRB Awgmu suixAw ] man chaa-o bha-i-aa parabh aagam suni-aa.

    Mind is full of joy, listening the arrival of ‘The Sat’.

    My understanding:

    This sentence must be understood in the context of previous Pauri i.e. the 33rd Pauri, where Guru Sahib has given me the ‘True Knowledge’ of what I am and that the whole creation is one and that ‘One’ is ‘Ik’, the numeral ‘1’ with which the text of Sri Guru Granth Sahib starts.

    The feeling of the Joy that comes from the awareness that I am nearing ‘The Sat’ is what Guru Sahib has expressed in this sentence.

    2. hir mMglu gwau sKI igRhu mMdru bixAw ] har mangal gaa-o sakhee garihu mandar bani-aa.

    Friends, sing auspicious, the home has become Mandar (place of reverence to ‘The Sat’).

    My understanding:

    As I understand, the word Sakhee, which literally means companions or friends, is a metaphor; here it means all aspects of one’s being.

    Guru Sahib tells that the entire being – physical, mental and spiritual, all are excited, and sing in joy creating auspicious environment.

    As I understand, the word ‘Garihu’, which literally means home, is again a metaphor; here it means the physical body of the person.

    Guru Sahib tells me that with the ‘True Knowledge’ obtained. ‘The Sat’, which was all the time in the being, is now realised by the being. With this realisation the body of this person becomes Mandar for her of him, because this person, now knows that ‘The Sat’ resides in it. This realisation changes the whole world for the individual.

    3. hir gwau mMglu inq sKIey sogu dUKu n ivAwpey ] har gaa-o mangal nit sakhee-ay sog dookh na vi-aapa-ay.

    Friends, sing the auspicious every day, sadness and sufferings will not afflict you.

    My understanding:

    Guru Sahib tells that the individuals will sing the auspicious. ‘Sing auspicious’ here means that this individual will spread the auspicious environment all around. The suffering and sadness, which are the states of mind, will not afflict this person because she or he has spiritually evolved to a level much above these. Both these afflictions are caused by attachments and desires. This person is now free from them; she or he is liberated. Attachments and desires mean nothing to the person who has merged in ‘Ik’ i.e. ‘The Sat’. All dualities have dissolved into ‘Ik’. How can this individual be afflicted by sadness or sufferings? She or he has overcome them. She or he has conquered her or his self. She or he has become ‘Mahaveera’. The being of this person is now one with ‘The Sat’.

    4. gur crn lwgy idn sBwgy Awpxw ipru jwpey ] gur charan laagay din sabhaagay aapnaa pir jaap-ay.

    The day is auspicious, when one associates oneself with the feet of the Guru, who enables the person to do Jaap of her his pir i.e. ‘Sat’.

    My understanding:

    Guru Sahib tells me that it needs the grace of ‘The Sat’ (sabhaagay) to get associated with the feet of the Guru (for me it is Sri Guru Granth Sahib), who guides me on the path of spiritual evolution.

    From my past learning, I know that every thing happens with the ‘Hukam’ of ‘The Sat’. I have to keep trying with purer and purer state of mind till the ‘Hukam’ arrives and I am graced.

    I also know that without trying ‘Hukam’ will never come. It is so because ‘The Sat’ is not my servant who has to do things for me. ‘The Sat’ has given me the best of Akaar and the brain by giving me this life in human form; these two have to be applied to reach ‘The Sat’. Animals cannot do this, as they do not have the evolved brain. It is for this reason Guru Sahib has said that the birth in human form gives the possibility to merge with ‘The Sat’. I have to strive to reach ‘The Sat’.

    5. Anhq bwxI gur sbid jwxI hir nwmu hir rsu Bogo ] anhat banee gur sabad jaanee har naam har ras bhogo.

    The unstuck banee is to know the guru’s shabad; the name of the Har gives joy in all of its aspects

    My understanding:

    In this sentence, there are substantial elements of learning.

    First we study the term ‘Anhat Banee’. Literal meaning of Banee is voice or sound. The sound is the result of some force acting on another element to produce it. The word ‘Anhat’ literally means which is un-struck. From this I understand ‘Anhat Banee’ means the Banee that is not having the cause, which produced it.

    In practical sense what does it mean? Guru Sahib himself has given the answer in this very sentence. Guru Sahib has said ‘Guru Shabad Jaanee’.

    Here Guru Sahib tells me that when I have understood the total knowledge content of the Shabad and internalised it into my being, then the source – Sri Guru Granth Sahib – that was the cause (‘hat’) of my understanding; is no longer needed as the purpose for which Guru Sahibs had given me Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been achieved.

    The knowledge content of the Shabad has been realised in my being. There is one to one correspondence between the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and what my being is. The two have become one; none of them is now the cause or effect. There is nothing to strike and nothing to be struck. It is ‘Anhat’.

    This is a great teaching from my Guru Sahib.


    This way I understand that the fully realised Banee into one’s being is ‘Anhat Banee’. In this state, my being will become a living expression of the Banee, which itself is the ‘Anhat Banee’.

    With this understanding the remaining part of the sentence becomes very clear. When the Banee is fully internalised; it becomes part of me i.e. my being. It is natural that it will express in my being in all of its aspects and give me the joy.

    6. khY nwnku pRBu Awip imilAw krx kwrx jogo ]34] kahai naanak parabh aap mili-aa karan kaaran jogo. ||34||

    Says Nanak; It is ‘The Sat’, who is present in all that happens and the reasons for the happenings.

    My understanding:

    Guru Sahib tells me that ‘The Sat’ is all. ‘The Sat’ is in all aspects of my life. ‘The Sat’ is the real doer. ‘The Sat’ is the cause. I am only a physical expression and an instrument of ‘The Sat’ and nothing more. With this Guru Sahib tells me to dissolve the ‘I’ in me. All is ‘Sat’ and only ‘Sat’.

    With this I close this post.

    With love and respect for all.

    Amarpal Singh
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