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Anand Sahib - Pauri 33


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,

I share my understanding of the 33rd Pauri of Anand Sahib, in this post.

1. ey srIrw myirAw hir qum mih joiq rKI qw qU jg mih AwieAw ] ay sareeraa mayri-aa har tum meh jot rakhee taa too jag meh aa-i-aa.

O’ my body, when ‘The Sat’ placed the light in you, then only you came into this world.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib here explains to me the subtle aspects of my being born. Guru Sahib tells me that it is ‘The Sat’ who is behind my being born. Without the ‘Jot’ – the light of life, it would not have been possible and it is ‘The Sat’ who has done this for me.

This way Guru Sahib explain to me, without being too explicit, that I owe my life not just to my biological parents alone but more to ‘The Sat’.

The truth of this teaching becomes evident when I look closely the process of any birth of a being.

The contribution from the two biological parents too is a creation of the ‘The Sat’ i.e. ‘The Cosmic Intelligence’.

It is the nature that provides incentive (sexual pleasure) to the two parents to unite and as a consequence the process of birth to gets initiated.

The mother knows not what is happening deep within her. Every process needed for the development of fetus and the subsequent birth of the baby takes place in accordance with the Hukam of ‘The Sat’ i.e. ‘The Cosmic Intelligence’. The mother is only a host for all the processes to take place.

This way Guru Sahib tells me that I am through my parents and not from them. The source of my being is ‘The Sat’. I have come from ‘The Sat’.

See how true and rational my Guru Sahib is.


2. hir joiq rKI quDu ivic qw qU jg mih AwieAw ] har jot rakhee tuDh vich taa too jag meh aa-i-aa.

‘The Sat’ placed the light in you and then you came to this world.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib repeats what he has said in the earlier sentence, but is more explicit here. Guru Sahib tells me clearly that ‘The Sat’ is my source.

Guru Sahib has dropped reference to the body, which was in there in the previous sentence. This way Guru Sahib tells me that my real being is the essence, the ‘Jot’ that ‘The Sat’ has placed in me. This ‘Jot’ has come to me from ‘The Sat’. It is the component of ‘The Sat’ in me. That is in the real sense ‘I’. Great! Guru Sahib Great! Guru Sahib you have introduced myself to ‘Me’.

Wah-e-Guru!! Wah-e-Guru!!!

3. hir Awpy mwqw Awpy ipqw ijin jIau aupwie jgqu idKwieAw ] har aapay maataa aapay pitaa jin jee-o upaa-ay jagat dikhaa-i-aa.

‘The Sat’ is mother and father who created beings and showed the world.

My understanding:

See what Guru Sahib is doing through the meaning of this sentence. Guru Sahib is removing the duality resulting from my relative worldly existence. Guru Sahib tells me that ‘The Sat’ is both - the mother and the father. It is true, because the essence of my mother and father both is ‘The Sat’. My mother and father are just physical manifestation of ‘The Sat’, they appear to be two for a purpose, but in essence these two are one. What is this purpose? Guru Sahib has given the answer very clearly in this sentence i.e. to show me this world.

Guru Sahib has told me in the earlier sentence that the ‘Jot’ of ‘The Sat’ is in me. Now Guru Sahib tells me that the essence of my mother and father too is same. This way Guru Sahib has dissolved the plurality between my mother, my father, and me. In essence we are ‘one’ – the family is ‘one’.

Extending this knowledge to all the humanity, we all are ‘one’.

Extend this understanding to all the living entities; all become ‘one’; all have the same Jot.

Extend the same understanding to the entire existence and the universe; the same ‘Jot is everywhere. It is all ‘One’ the ‘Ek’ of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

All dualities of manifestation stand dissolved in their essence.

This is the ‘True Knowledge’. This is the knowledge of the ‘Truth’.

So easily, through these simple words, Guru Sahib has given me this awareness. See the kindness of my Guru.

Wah-e-Guru! Wah-e-Guru!! Wah-e-Guru!!!

4. gur prswdI buiJAw qw clqu hoAw clqu ndrI AwieAw ] gur parsaadee bujhi-aa taa chalat ho-aa chalat nadree aa-i-aa.

With Gurparsadi (by the grace of ‘The Sat’) some understand; then the show, is clearly seen by them a show.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib says that some, with the grace of ‘The Sat’, understand the reality. The show of this world then is clearly understood by them as the show, which keeps going.

It is my understanding that such individuals, though their worldly existence makes them part of the show, are, in essence, not part of it because they see it as a show and thus do not get attached to it. Such individuals play out their role (dharma) in this world in the same way as the actor in ant drama or film, nothing more than that. This ‘True Knowledge’ makes them see through Maya. Their purity of mind is so high that there is no place for the worldly entities to latch on. Such individuals become immune from attachment to this world. They are truly spiritual people.

5. khY nwnku isRsit kw mUlu ricAw joiq rwKI qw qU jg mih AwieAw ]33] kahai naanak sarisat kaa mool rachi-aa jot raakhee taa too jag meh aa-i-aa. ||33||

Says Nanak, having created the basis for existence in this world, ‘The Sat’ placed the light, and then you came to this world.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib tells me that this world (universe and all that) was progressively evolved by ‘The Sat’ – ‘The Cosmic Intelligence’. Life came into existence when the conditions necessary of its manifestation and sustenance got created.

My Guru Sahibs knew it all. They did not require modern day science to tell them this.

Wah-e-Guru! Wah-e-Guru!! Wah-e-Guru!!! Wah-e-Guru!!!!

With this I close.
With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh

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