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Anand Sahib - Pauri 26th

Discussion in 'Anand Sahib' started by Amarpal, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Amarpal

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Dear Khalsa Ji,

    With the grace of ‘The Sat’, today, I share with you what I understand from the 26th Pauri of anand Sahib.

    1. isv skiq Awip aupwie kY krqw Awpy hukmu vrqwey ] siv sakat aap upaa-ay kai kartaa aapay hukam vartaa-ay.

    First ‘The Karta’ i.e. ‘The Sat’ conceptualised Shiva and Shakti and then through Hukam administered them.

    My understanding:

    Here Guru Sahib tells me the One-ness of our existence.

    Guru Sahib tells me that Shiva and Shakti perceived, as two entities by the masses are one in their origin – ‘The Sat’. The action and the operation of these perceived entities are also by the same source – ‘The Sat’.

    In other words Guru Sahib tells me that all dualities in essence can be merged into ‘One’. Guru Sahib tells me that all these conceptualised entities are not independent in their existence they are dependent on the source, which created or conceptualised them.

    This way Guru Sahib asks me not to get lost in pluralities and tells me to concentrate on ‘One’ the ‘Ek’ of ‘Mool Mantra’ i.e. ‘The Sat’.

    2. hukmu vrqwey Awip vyKY gurmuiK iksY buJwey ] hukam vartaa-ay aap vaykhai gurmukh kisai bujhaa-ay.

    ‘The Sat’ through Hukam administers, only Gurmukhs who have developed this understanding will see (realise) this fact.

    My understanding:

    Guru Sahib tells me that the persons, who have reached the level of spirituality, where they can be called Gurmukhs, will be able to see the ‘One’ behind all these dualities.

    3. qoVy bMDn hovY mukqu sbdu mMin vswey ] torhay banDhan hovai mukat sabad man vasaa-ay.

    Breaking the bondages, being free, the Shabad feels the space in mind.

    My understanding:

    Knowing my worldly condition, in this sentence, Guru Sahib gives me another clue to install Shabad in my mind.

    Guru Sahib explicitly tells me that I have to become free of attachments.

    From my earlier understanding, I know that these attachments are creation of my worldly mind. They are the products of Maya; they are not real.

    Once my worldly mind gets dissolved the attachments and bondages will cease to exist then the Shabad will naturally move in.


    4. gurmuiK ijs no Awip kry su hovY eyks isau ilv lwey ] gurmukh jis no aap karay so hovai aykas si-o liv laa-ay.

    The person to whom the ‘The Sat’ guides to the high of spirituality, where that person becomes Gurmukh. Such a person lovingly concentrates on ‘The Sat’ and becomes one with ‘The Sat’.

    My understanding:

    Guru Sahib tells me guided by ‘The Sat’ I can become Gurmukh and then in a natural way I will become imbued with the presence of ‘The Sat’ and be one with ‘The Sat’.

    I know from my past learning that this blessing from ‘The Sat’ will come to me only when I realise the ‘Shabad’ i.e. when I imbue my being with the teachings enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

    The desire to learn from Sri Guru Granth Sahib comes when ‘The Sat’ graces me.

    ‘The Sat’ initiates in the beginning, ‘The Sat’ guides in the middle while I study Gurbani. If satisfied, in the end, ‘The Sat’ qualifies me as Gurmukh. All the way in this process it is ‘The Sat’. This is the grace of ‘The Sat’.


    5. khY nwnku Awip krqw Awpy hukmu buJwey ]26] kahai naanak aap kartaa aapay hukam bujhaa-ay. ||26||

    Says Nanak, ‘The Sat’ only does all and that way ‘The Sat’ only gives the ability to understand the Hukam.

    My understanding:

    This great teaching comes from my Guru Sahib.

    Guru Sahib clears any misconception that I may have. Guru Sahib tells me that what is getting done, there is no ‘I’ in it. I should not entertain such idea. It is all happening because ‘The Sat’ wants it that way. I am only an instrument in the hand of ‘The Sat’. In essence I am a none entity, the source for all is ‘The Sat’, the real ‘Karta’


    With this I close
    With love and respect for all.

    Amarpal Singh.
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