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Anand Sahib - Pauri 12th

Discussion in 'Anand Banee' started by Amarpal, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. Amarpal

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    Dear Khalsa Ji,

    With the willingness of ‘The Sat’, I share with you, my understanding of the 12th Pauri of Anand Sahib.

    1. Agm Agocrw qyrw AMqu n pwieAw ] agam agocharaa tayraa ant na paa-i-aa.

    O the inaccessible, the in comprehensible, your limits cannot be determined.

    My understanding:

    Here Guru Sahib conveys to me that ‘The Sat’ is beyond human comprehension. The limited cannot grasp the immenseness of the infinite. Just imagine, the space i.e. what we call sky has no limit, can we imagine what it is. We in our life deal with entities that are limited in time and space. Our mental faculties are developed only for finite and definable entities. ‘The Sat’ has no dimension that can limit it, we simply cannot imagine what it is. We know the entities by their Gunas; ‘The Sat’ is Nirguna; it is infinite and is present everywhere. It is this that the Guru Sahib tells me through this sentence; ‘The Sat’ cannot be comprehended.

    2. AMqo n pwieAw iknY qyrw Awpxw Awpu qU jwxhy ] anto na paa-i-aa kinai tayraa aapnaa aap too jaanhay.

    No one has found your limits, only you know about yourself.

    My understanding:

    Guru Sahib here cautions me that whatever mental faculties I have as human being, are not adequate to determine the end limit of ‘The Sat’. In this way Guru Sahib instructs me not to waste time and resources trying to mentally comprehend ‘The Sat’; it is not feasible.

    Our abilities as human beings are limited. They have evolved to perform the function and to meet the challenges that their way of living demanded from them. They have neither the training and nor the knowledge base to transcend the barriers of our limitedness.

    3. jIA jMq siB Kylu qyrw ikAw ko AwiK vKwxey ] jee-a jant sabh khayl tayraa ki-aa ko aakh vakhaana-ay.

    All living entities are your play, what can they describe.

    My understanding:

    Guru Sahib tells me that all the life is the effect of ‘The Sat’, how can the effect explain all about the cause; it has no knowledge of it.

    4. AwKih q vyKih sBu qUhY ijin jgqu aupwieAw ] aakhahi ta vaykheh sabh toohai jin jagat upaa-i-aa.

    The one says (order) and sees (care) for all on one's own, who has created the world.

    My understanding:

    Guru Sahib in this sentence tells me that I am nobody. What ever happens to me is because of what ‘The Sat’ says i.e. orders. It is ‘The Sat’ alone who cares for me. In other words Guru Sahib tells me not to think myself to be the cause of anything (I should just do my Dharma and strive for excellence). This way Guru Sahib tells me to get over my ‘I’ i.e. Ahamkara. All that happens is because of ‘The Sat’.

    5. khY nwnku qU sdw AgMmu hY qyrw AMqu n pwieAw ]12] kahai naanak too sadaa agamm hai tayraa ant na paa-i-aa. ||12||

    Says Nanak, you are always beyond human reach and no one can know your limits.

    My understanding:

    In this last sentence of the Pauri, for my sake, Guru Sahib again emphasises that ‘The Sat’ is beyond our comprehension and no one came find its limits. This way Guru Sahib instructs me about the immenseness and infiniteness of ‘The Sat’.

    With this I close.

    With love and respect for all.

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