Anand Sahib Explanation Please?


Gurfateh to all

I apologise if this has been discussed previously, but I've searched without any luck.

I am new and learning my way.
Please could some one explain why the Anand sahib is mostly read (when I hear it) with the first 5 pauri's and then the last, thereby eliminating 6-39.

Is this how it was intended? or have we fallen into such practice with time?

If someone were to ask me, I wouldn't be able to give a justified response.


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Re: Anand Sahib Explanation please ?

Thats the MARYADA decision in 1935 approved by Akal takhat and SGPC.
This short verison is COMPULSORY at each and every ceremony and has to be accompanied by Ardass, hukmanmah and Karrah parshaad.
Although Maryda of 1935 sets the minimum to be read from Gurbanee but it would always be better if full text is read otherwise one remains devoid of knowing the full essence of the Banee ANANDu.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
MARYADA is a set of "rules"...its meant to STANDARDISE a Ceremony..a procedure...ONLY.
A BHOG ceremony is meant to just read the Slok mahalla nauvaan, mundawnni and slok mahalla panjavan....I can "wish" that instead of just these 2.5 pages..WHY not get "more BLISS" additionally reading...say Sukhmani sahib..the Full Anand sahib..Sidh ghost..Ramkali Ki Vaar..Satta balwand vaar..Basant KI vaar......and once I have had my FILL OF BLISS...and my stomach begins to rumble for daddy may not have had "enough bliss" he gets upa nd tells the Granthi..Please read the Full Vaar Asa Ki...Also Allahnniah..Wadhans KI vaar..with the Slokas of Kabir Ji and farid Ji...and my MUMMY will only have "enough bliss" IF the Granthi reads....the ENTIRE SGGS once again !!! a BHOG CEREMONY may turn into an AKHAND PAATH ceremony just so "enough/more/bliss" cna be had by each and every memeber of the sangat who came to attend someones BHOG !! or Anand Karaj..or Naming ceremony.

Our Local Gurdwara once employed a new Granthi who insited on reading the FULL Anand sahib at each ceremony...he was SACKED within the week. Another insisted on reading the FULL JAPJI SAHIB whenever a New sehaj paath was requested by sangat members...He too was SACKED. ( Maryada is read the First FIVE PAUREES of Japji sahib in Sangat to begin new Sehaj Paath..although some may feel the need tog et more bliss by reading the entire Japji sahib..++++++ while others feel the need to get the "bliss" from the Langgar/deg and go home !!

THUS the 1935 SRM Comitee made the WISE DECISION to set the MARYADA. Individual BLISS is left OUT to the INDIVIDUAL to get this at his own pleasure/time.
I don't care about imposing man-made customs on people. If somebody wants their personal program with full or short version of Anand Sahib or Japuji Sahib, that is his or her business.

It doesn't make sense to have paath recitations without any interest in the meaning. People are missing the point and relying on formalities to bribe God for blessings, when in fact, He has abundantly blessed us even before we ask. We should always be thankful especially after asking. God is not deaf that we need to ring bells and bang the drums to wake Him up to listen to us. There are no shortcuts in Sachiyara Hoiyeh.

The ritual in istelf is not bad, but the attitude of the participants. Paath is paath, the mind needs the wisdom.

swarn bains

lucky singh jee. the picture you have posted that of Baba Nanak is the one said to have been shown by Nand singh to the painter through his spiritual power. for a while it appeared in Nanak sar thaath as that of Nand singh. then slowly it changed into baba Nanak. Here baba Nanak has 3 malas.
in the hand, around neck and on top around the turban. Baba Nanak walked 40000 miles in order to eliminate myths. He never wore or counted beeds of the mala, but as Nanak saria thath has put it in our minds and it appears to be true. It is a sad explanation. Let us make Baba Nanak as a simple man walking bare feet not looking like a saint in higher archi. Let all sikhs know that baba never used any mala. his heart was the mala. excuse me for my ignorance about spirituality what the Nanak sar followers are preaching about Nanak the master t make money


Sat Sri Akaal,


If someone gets precious lost material object, one is happy, but that happiness of gain is temporal, as there is a fear of loss.

And what If one gets Guiding TRUTH within self always accompanying through one's life. Always there.

But as one has lost the awareness, and got aware of Guiding TRUTH of all, and one can never loose, after being aware.

The expression of BLISS in word form will appear.

Repetition of expression with ferries, of getting the jewel of awareness, will make the sound.

What sound will appear, Word of Evegreen, Everlasting TRUTH, that is performing as thought speech and action in all humans.

Oh My Mind always stay attuned to this evergreen everlasting TRUTH, it has dispelled negativity. as One is aware of cause of THOUGHT/ SPEECH and ACTION. And How on can improve all (thought speech and action) in all.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.


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