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Anand Sahib - 39th Pauri


Jun 11, 2004
Dear Khalsa Ji,

It is my understanding of 39th Pauri that I share with you in this post.

1. eyhu swcw soihlw swcY Gir gwvhu ] ayhu saachaa sohilaa saachai ghar gaavhu.

This true melody is sung in true house.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib tells that the song of truth can be sung by the purified mind. The purified mind is free from ego (Ahamkara), desires (Kama which included lust), anger (Krodh), greed (Lobh), delusion (Moha), envy (Irsha); it is not attached to worldly entities - form and formless. This person’s happiness does not come from any external entity but from within for no worldly reason. Such person is in a perpetual state of bliss. This state is where the person resonates with Shabad. The Shabad, which she or he has internalised into her or his being. As a result there is no veil (dense coating of worldly entities) on the mind (mirror). The reflection of ‘The Sat’ from the mind (mirror) is the being of this person. This living is the real true melody or song in the true house.

2. gwvhu q soihlw Gir swcY ijQY sdw scu iDAwvhy ] gaavhu ta sohilaa ghar saachai jithai sadaa sach Dhi-aavhay.

Sing the melody in true house where always ‘The Sat’ dwells or meditated upon.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib while repeating what he has said in the first sentence emphasis the perpetual state of purity of mind. It is necessary condition for the being of the person to be a reflection of ‘The Sat’. This way, Guru Sahib cautions the person to become so pure that the impurities do not find any place in her or his being to latch on pollute the mind. The purity of mind should not be a forced state which can recoil back; it should be the natural and absolute state.

3. sco iDAwvih jw quDu Bwvih gurmuiK ijnw buJwvhy ] sacho Dhi-aavahi jaa tuDh bhaaveh gurmukh jinaa bujhaavhay.

They meditate on ‘The Sat’, if you grace them and as Gurmukh they realise it.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib says that those who have understood and become Gurmukhs (such individuals who have pure mind which reflects the illumination received from ‘The Sat’ truly to create the being of these persons) are graced by ‘The Sat’. These Gurmukhs are able to meditate on ‘The Sat’.

4. iehu scu sBnw kw Ksmu hY ijsu bKsy so jnu pwvhy ] ih sach sabhnaa kaa khasam hai jis bakhsay so jan paavhay.

This ‘Sat’ is the Supreme for every one. Those to whom ‘The Sat’ ordains they only get.

My understanding:

Here, Guru Sahib brings in the element of Gurparsadi. Guru Sahib says that only those, which are blessed by ‘The Sat’, are able to achieve the heights in spirituality. My past learning tells me the Gurparsadi dawns naturally when the individual has achieved the purity of mind. ‘The Sat’ is always willing to grace we humans only the quality of the receiving pot (we humans) has to be what is required.

5. khY nwnku scu soihlw scY Gir gwvhy ]39] kahai naanak sach sohilaa sachai ghar gaavhay. ||39||

Says Nanak; the true melody is sung in true house.

My understanding:

Guru Sahib concludes this Pauri emphasising its theme that the real resonance with the Shabad (true melody) can occur only in a pure mind.

With this I close this post.
With love and respect for all.

Amarpal Singh

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