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An African American Woman - This Is How We Preach Sikhi


Sep 4, 2007
Satnam folks!

I remember speaking with the lady on Sikhnet who wrote that article about her conversion to Sikhism...that was 5 years ago and I had just graduated from Uni! Good old days!

Anyway I compiled the following document taking the teachings from our african american sister


we also recently added the following leaflet to the portfolio of information on the ProjectNaad website which is designed to help new people convert to Sikhism if they feel it is their calling


One more thing I want to mention is that we have a project in London called the Guru Ram Das Project. ::Guru Ram Das Project::
This is a group of non-Indian Sikhs who hold e.g. a keertan once every 2 months and invite Yoga students and other people interested in Sikhi and get them to join in with keertan, distribute parshad, do tha chaur sahib seva, do the ardas in the local language (english in the UK) etc...its kind of like an interactive gurdwara where everyone takes part and gets to experience Sikhi...it is an EXCELLENT way for propagating the Sikh way of life! also having a diverse sangat with Indian, Chinese, Africans, Europeans etc makes a great impact on new people joining the dharma.

We will sonn be releasing a selection of leaflets in over 10 European/Asian languages on Home | Project Naad :: Infinity in Simplicity including an Ardas to be used in grdp type gurdwara/keertan programmes.


Home | Project Naad :: Infinity in Simplicity
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