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Amrit Parchar Banis

According to former head granthi of Harmandar Sahib, Giani Jagtar Jachak, the original Amrit parchar ceremonies only had banis from the Guru Granth Sahib. Somehow, the Hindu government leaked three banis from the pandit Dassam Granth into the ceremony. Fake Baba Ji Saints and pseudo Sikh cults are brainwashing people to believe that Guru Gobind Singh wrote the entire Dassam Granth.

In the Amrit parchar ceremony, only Jap Ji Sahib and Anand Sahib are from Guru Granth Sahib.

So, who has the guts to do a parchar with only these two banis, or to replace the Dassam Granth hymns with other banis from the Guru Granth Sahib? So many Sikhs are hung up on tradition, that they would never dare be ready to do this, and if they do, there would probably be sword fights all over the gurdwaras. The Brahmans want the Sikhs to adapt Hindu philosophy, and Dassam Granth is full of it, drugs, and sex. The Hindu government must be paying a lot of money for blind faith followers among Sikhs to adopt Pandit literature Dassam Granth into Amrit Parchar.

If they become replaced, which banis do you think should be added?