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General Americans Are Stupid-video

Discussion in 'Hard Talk' started by Vikram singh, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Vikram singh

    Vikram singh
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    Feb 25, 2005
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  3. spnadmin

    spnadmin United States
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    1947-2014 (Archived)
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    Jun 17, 2004
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    Vikram ji

    It is terrifying isn't it? A teacher in the public schools for 11 years, and a college professor since 1978, this SPN member can only say that she could have written the script, and over the years she tried to do her best. I watched for a few minutes. Maybe it got better. The video had to be termnated because it wasn't worth all the cookies that YouTube leaves on my computer.

    So sad.
  4. rajbinder

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    Jan 24, 2007
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    I amaze how these americans makeup world's leading country.
  5. KulwantK

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    Oct 31, 2007
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    Sat Nam, everyone. Good to be back.
    Firstly, let us get our terms straight.

    Stupidity means that one is not capable of learning beyond a rather low capacity.
    Ignorant means one just does not know something.

    Americans, by and large, are not stupid, but highly ignorant of many things, especially as to how badly eroded their education system has become in their public schools.

    Fortunately, many Americans are starting to wake up, and realize that something is terribly wrong, and has been for quite a while, but they cannot quite pinpoint just what it is--yet. Happily, that is changing.

    The popular culture in America is a wasteland of abysmally insipid dementia. (Disneyland, anyone? Really- giant animated talking anthropormorphic mice? This is supposed to be entertaining? It's surreally disgusting!) If you look at the popular television shows and other entertainment, and view the lack of high-quality in the media, you will then see another one of the reasons why Americans are so ignorant.

    When the children are parked in front of a television set to keep them busy while their (probably soon-to-be-divorced) parents are busy doing other things, you can begin to see how corrupt the entire culture can get. The divorce rate for first time marriages is 50%, and second marriages 75%. Obviously these people are not fit to be spouses or parents, and are very often the results of inadequate parenting themselves. Dysfunctional family can lead to dysfunctional society.

    However, things are chinging for the better. People are getting tired of being told they are stupid, when they know they are not.

    Wahe Guru
  6. pk70

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    Writer SPNer Supporter

    Feb 25, 2008
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    Very wonderful analysis, people should learn something from it about "crowd mentality of others towards Americans". which ironically puts themselves too in to the category of " being ignorant about Americans " It is really good one !:)
  7. Sinister

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    May 4, 2006
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    sadly the american populace is divided into four camps...

    -smart people
    -stupid people
    -people who think they are smart but are actually stupid.
    -smart people who do stupid things on purpose to make money (i call them evil sellouts).

    the former two groups have been growing in number....this is the result of the growing culture of sensationalism in america. It has taken it's toll. Watch an hour of Fox news/ mtv/entertainment tonight and you are gaurenteed to come out of the ordeal, short a few I.Q points.

    people are reluctant to change when they are kept juicy plump and fat...Now that Americans are losing everything they are rubbing their eyes and beginning to wake up.

    This period marks the demise of the western financial system as we know it...a system that had been used to oppress, conquer and subdue scores of poorer countries...a system that for decades helped maintain Western wealth on scale that was unsustainable.

    America and Americans will not look the same after this event

    c h e e r s
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