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United Sikhs American Red Cross Partners With United Sikhs

Tejwant Singh

American Red Cross Partners With United Sikhs

The American Red Cross in Greater New York (ARC/GNY) and the UNITED SIKHS, a U.N.-affiliated, international humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy organization, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the New York Red Cross headquarters in Manhattan on March 31, 2010.


The MOU is designed to formalize and strengthen the relationship between the two organizations, which will work together to enhance local disaster preparedness and coordinate local disaster planning and response activities.

At the MOU signing, NY Red Cross Chief Response Officer Bob Imbornoni extended thanks and appreciation for the partnership, which he said, "Would greatly help people affected by disaster in New York City and the Lower Hudson Valley. He added, "This is the start of a partnership that has the potential to be embraced by other Red Cross chapters across the country."

Birmohan Singh, United Sikhs Coordinator, said, "We are here to serve and we are pleased to join hands with the Red Cross."

During the planning and response phases of a large-scale local disaster, ARC/GNY and the UNITED SIKHS will work in cooperation to coordinate food, supplies and volunteers. They will also establish cross-training and other educational opportunities for staff and volunteers of both agencies, with ARC/GNY providing disaster-related training to the UNITED SIKHS and the UNITED SIKHS offering cultural awareness training to ARC/GNY.

In addition, UNITED SIKHS will provide NY Red Cross volunteers and staff with training and work opportunities at its kitchen sites in and around New York City.

April 3, 2010


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Tejwant Singh

This is such wonderful news, to see great acceptance and understanding of the United Sikhs contributions and efforts.

It is indeed and in my opinion, this is just the beginning. This will motivate many other Sikhs and local organisations through Gurdwaras to give a helping hand to all those who are in need.

Tejwant Singh