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Allow The Atma To Shine Forth !

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Man has made tremendous progress in science and technology. But, in the field of spirituality, he is still unable to rid himself of narrow cynicism, limited outlook, and the demonic hold of selfishness, pride, envy and other evil traits. When we examine the basic cause for this state of affairs, we discover that it is the consequence of egoism that has struck deep roots in the heart of man. It has reduced man to the status of a puppet. It pollutes his thoughts, words and deeds. It directs him to gather and hoard material riches. It does not allow the Atma (Self) to shine forth. When the veil of egoism is set aside, the Atma is revealed, Wisdom dawns and Bliss results.

source: email from friend

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