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Sikh News Alleged Sikh Terrorists Arrested (Gulf Times)


Alleged Sikh terrorists arrested (Gulf Times)
Tue, 21 Mar 2006 06:15:55 GMT
NEW DELHI: An alleged Sikh terrorist, one of the most wanted militants in the country, was arrested here yesterday along with two associates, police said.
Dear brother s


Sikh and terrorist are opposite words.

This is to malign the fair name of Sikhs who have fought only when some wrong was being done like forcible conversion of Hindus to Islam.

He could be a misguided youth . There are plenty of agencies who feel threatened by patriotic Sikhs in which ever Global nation they belong to today.

Sikhs are saint soldier who fight only for a just cause and that to in exceptional circumstances they never terrorise. They will fight an enemy only in a battlefield and that to after the sanction of his nation to which he belongs.

This to he will do so when innocent in the whole mankind finds it self in an inescapable hopeless situation . His enemies of today have been discussed by me in article on this thread.

Modern Sikh Soldiers of the Globe - New "Enemies", "battle fields" & "Weapons"

Sikhs represent the whole Humanity and are its guardian. They can never terorise any one.

This adjective is highly deplorable.

This man whom the police have arrested should be debarred from Sikhism if he is found indulging in this reprehensible act.



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