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Sikh News All Religions Will NEVER Be Equal

Sep 20, 2004
Rev Thomas Phillips, the president of the Malaysian Consultative Council is supposed to represent accurately, all of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism is absolutely correct to say that all religions is not equal. And he is certainly qualified to make such a statement as well. After all, he spent many years being trained in the ways of the Taoist, Sikhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, even though he is a Christian himself, is ordained, and fully understands the complexities between the Protestant, and the Catholics. This single division alone is divisive, as represented by the Irish Wars, resulting in many deaths. The Catholic vs Protestant bloody battles left thousands dead, and even more unaccounted for. So, don't let the Shi'ite vs Sunni Bloody battles alone confuse you.
And why are people ready to take up arms to defend their God again? Well, maybe the Angels did a ****-poor job of it. Maybe it was not specified in the "Angelic Handbook" also carved on stone on the Heavenly equivalent of Mt Sinai by God. But this is so unfair. The Hindu's don't have any Angels to protect them. They do however, have 3.6million Gods. And the Buddhists have NONE ! So, despite Buddhism being a "derivative" from Hinduism, Sidharta Gautama placed ZERO emphasis on any God-being whatsoever. Stressing instead on the path leading to being not reborn again to be instituted by the individual. This is clearly explained in the Jataka's.

So, technically, Buddhism cannot even be classified as a "Religion", because it does NOT have a deity in the true sense of the word. Buddha's position is not so different from that of, let's say Joan of Arc, or St Thomas, or St Augustine. And it is already here, that the similarities end. Buddhism is about getting the individual to get himself out of trouble, while Rev Thomas' religion dictates that the individual accept "Yeshua Bar Yehosef" as the Risen Lord. Islam says that this is ********, because Yeshua never arose form the dead, nor was he ever the Son of God.

And Hinduism has Krishna, which in some provinces call him Krista, is so suspiciously sounding like the Greek Kristus, from which the derivative Christ is drawn from. Both Krista and Kristus were born of a Virgin, and so was Sidharta Gautama. The Hindu's also claim that Sidharta was a reincarnation of Krishna, by which the Buddhists rubbish immediately.

Then, you have the Bahai's who claim that all Old Bronze-Age Religions are rubbish, and yet insist that all Religions lead to God? The Bahai's also claim that Newer Religions MUST replace older Religions, and yet completely reject Sai Baba-ism as a Cult instead, despite that it is newer than Bahai-ism. This in itself contradicts their belief that "newer replaces older". So how far back does Bahai-ism's legitimizing of their religion go? Their claim is that ALL Bronze Age Religions are good, and they are of the Monotheistic belief. So how can this be compatible with the Hindu Belief which is of the Trimurthi?

The original Three-in-one predating Christianity? Of interest is that the Jews do not even believe in the Trinity, and there is no mention of this in the Old Testament of the Bible at all. To add to that, the Jews also do NOT believe in the after-Life. Speak to any Jew, and see. At best, they believe that some of their prophets were reincarnated. And a Modern Day preacher would find it extremely hard, if not impossible to preach a Sermon about the after-Life, if the only text he had was the Old Testament.

The Egyptian Religions did believe in the after-Life, and all the Kings and Nobles in the Valley of the Kings are a testament to that. They buried their dead with Grave goods. Monkeys do not do that, and therefore, Archaeologists make claim that it was when Man first had the concept of the after-life, that they had Superior intellect. This is slightly opposed to the Homo Habilis or Homo Heidelbergensis Stone tool maker classification of Human Intelligence.

The only problem is this. Homo Neanderthalis had been burying their dead since 150,000 years ago, well before Homo Sapiens did. And modern day monkeys are known to make their own stone tools, much like the cavemen of before. Perhaps the Archaeologists and Anthropologists are correct by saying that MAYBE Homo Sapiens are the FIRST species to attain this intelligence? Which species is next?

I will NOT contest the 6,000 year earth History proposed by the Archbishop of France when he calculated the age of the earth based on the Bible in this discussion. Simply because I will have massive arguments about where Fossils and Dinosaurs came from. This also creates problems because then the next question is that Adam and Eve were Cavemen. Our Brains accept Cavemen, and yet we cannot imagine Adam and Eve to be Cave People. So, where did Cave People come from then? Are they of a different "Race"? Was there no such thing as a Cave Man, because they are not human?

The most probable contender for any similarity whatsoever of all religions is about a flood. However, this presents even more logistical problems than it solves. For one, when did Noah have time to go to Australia to bring in the Marsupials, ie the Kangaroos, and the Koala Bears, or to China to bring in the Pandas? Next how did the Polar Bears from the North Pole make it to the desert, or the Penguins from the south Pole survive this journey. Next is the issue of food, and the problem of altitude. For Noah's Boat to be higher than Mount Everest, how did anything breathe properly at all? Some have responded that God brought the animals over the Sea, and if He really did that, then there would have been no need for Noah's Ark in the first place.

So, my alternative question is this. Were all the flood stories merely local floods? The Epic of Gilgamesh had clearly stated the story of the flood. And is there any other common ground for Religions of today? Strangely, the answer is Iran/Iraq. Their old names were Persia, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Land of Ur, Sumeria and so on. This was also the birthplace of human writing, from which all other writings developed from. It is called Cuneiform. Yes, ALL writing is traced from there. be it Sanskrit, Chinese or any of the early Arabic Scripts, and even the pre-hieroglyphic Egyptian texts. The ONLY thing which pre-dates this would be Cavemen drawings.

Back to the Bahai's. I assume that their classification was also to include the revolting Human Sacrifices made by the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Incas or the story mentioned in the Bible and the Koran? I speak not of the Abrahamic Ram which came to the rescue. I speak about Jephthah sacrificing his daughter after making a vow in Judges 11. There was no Ram in this story, and the daughter went to weep in the "Wilderness" over her chastity before coming back to be sacrificed. In parallel, even Kali was supposed to have a thirst for Human Blood.

Now, I present this tiny tiny selection of Cross-Religion References, and thus ask the question... How can ANY religion be equal? I have not even made any reference to the Hare Krishna's the Mahakari's, the Zen, and the hundreds of other which exist today, nor the thousands which have existed before in the past, from Odin, till Jayavarman the 7th. Pick up the latest copy of the "Penguin Religions of the World Dictionary" if you want a sampling of the scope of things.

I can certainly go on and on and on about this for days on end. But I shall pause now, if nothing else, but perhaps to make a point.

And that point is that Malaysians what have been shouting and screaming about is NOT about whose or which religion is superior. Nor that all religions are the same. Nor do they even have a ranking !!

The fact is, Religions will NEVER be equal, nor will they ever be.

The only thing we can hope for is for people of all Religions to live in Harmony. And to do that, one needs to look at ALL the other Religions which exist today, and NOT say that they are Devil-Inspired. Please do not blow this opportunity for True Malaysian Peace.

Sit down, and talk. And STOP DEFENDING YOUR GOD !!!! He can certainly take care of himself ! And stop saying that all religions are the same. They are clearly NOT.

A good number of people define themselves by their Religion. To say that all Religions are equal, or to say that their Religion is "False", is equivalent to asking them to eat sh**. Please be polite. Stop.




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