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World Ali Al-Khawahir, Saudi Man, Sentenced To Be Paralyzed In 'Eye For An Eye' Justice

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Ali Al-Khawahir, Saudi Man, Sentenced To Be Paralyzed In 'Eye For An Eye' Justice

The Huffington Post - By Ryan Grenoble - Posted: 04/04/2013 9:03 am

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to be medically paralyzed unless he can raise 1 million Saudi Riyal (almost $267,000) to pay a man he stabbed in the back.

When he was 14, Ali al-Khawahir stabbed his friend in the back, paralyzing the victim. The assault earned al-Khawahir a spot in jail -- a spot he's occupied for the last 10 years, the Saudi Gazette reports. Now 24, al-Khawahir either has to pay the victim for forgiveness or have his spinal cord cut, as eye-for-an-eye justice.

Al-Khawahir had originally been expected to pay 2 million Riyal (more than $500,000), but the victim halved the amount after it became clear the sum was too high.

In a translation provided by Reuters, al-Khawahir's mother told the Arabic language al-Hayat daily that she agreed the victim deserved compensation, "but we don't have even a tenth of this sum."

The punishment follows the Islamic principle of "qisas." In a statement issued Tuesday, Amnesty International likened al-Khawahir's paralysis punishment to torture.

"That such a punishment might be implemented is utterly shocking, even in a context where flogging is frequently imposed as a punishment for some offences, as happens in Saudi Arabia," Ann Harrison, the group's Middle East and North Africa Deputy Director, said.

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/...-saudi-arabia_n_3009500.html?utm_hp_ref=world

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
You may have the tallest buildings in the world, have multiple wives to degrade them, marry underage women, have sex with underage boys in a very manly way as you do with your goats, (camel jockeys from India, Pakistan, Siri Lanka.....), acquire the most expensive gadgets, all the luxuries money can buy, rape women at will then kill them by lashing them to death. One can go on and on for the tent dwellers nomads like you who got lucky with the oil that the world is hungry for.

But if your religion is not able in teaching you basic decency of love and acceptance of all from the ONE, all you may have, especially the one coming out down under from your a{censored} is worth naught.

Your mentality still remains the ruthless barbaric of the worst kind. Even the animals have more decency than your cultural and religious values offer you.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.
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