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Akhbar's Meeting With Guru Arjan

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Akhbar's Meeting With Guru Arjan

Jun 1, 2004
a few texts from DR JS Grewal and Irfan Habib's book - Sikh History From Persian Sources

pg 93 - Akhbar's Meeting with Guru Arjan

[font=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]quote:[/font] [font=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]Departing from Lahore...(Akhbar) crossed the Beas river. He visited the house of Guru Arjan, the successor of Baba Nanak, who was highly reputed for his knowledge of God. He was pleased from listening to his recitation of the Hindi verses that had been composed by Baba Nanak for expounding the knowledge of God. Deeming it to be an honour conferred on him, Guru Arjan made a suitable offering and pleaded that since, owing to the coming of the Victorious Army to the Punjab, grain prices had risen and the jama (land tax demand) of the localities (parganas) had been raised, now that the Imperial Army is leaving, the grain prices have falen, and the peasants are (therefore) unable to meet their obligation to pay the jama. In accordance with his plea, orders were issued to the Imperial Finance Ministers that a reduction of twelve-to-ten be made in the jama and the revenue collectors be instructed to grant remissions to the peasants acordingly and not to make demands on them in excess (of the amount now prescribed).........[/font]​
[font=Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif]Here Guru Ji shows his spiritual and temporal side..........he uses the opportunity to help the local peasantry..........[/font]

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