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General Akal Takht Asked To Curb SGPC Plans (in Punjabi)

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Looks like this minority group in the SGPC is simply making "news" for itself. When asked directly by the Day & Night News Prime Debate on Akal takhat recently as to HOW MANY PRIVATE MEMBER RESOLUTIONS HAVE YOU put forward in the SGPC Executive House for debate..the answer was NONE. WHY ?? no reliable answer either...except mumbling that we hold Press Conferences..we made lots of noise outside and inside..we walked out etc. These two members walked out of the Nanaksahi deliberations as well.

The Proper and Valid way is to bring in WRITTEN RESOLUTIONS - and Table them..even if they are DEFEATED again and matter..the Resolution will be recorded in the Minutes. This is not being done. The "noise" outside in Public seems just to have an audience and maybe secure the dissenting sikh votes in future elections..NOT to make any difference ??? BADAL does this same trick on SIKH ISSUES in the Punjab State Assembly...The Ruling Party with its MAJORITY has NEVER tabled any SIKH issue related Motions - like on the Dastaar issue, Punjab waters Issue, Punjabi issue or 1984 Genocide this would bring these matters on RECORD in the HOUSE. They also prefer "Press Conferences" which have NO LEGAL value.

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