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Akal Purakh's Place Is Not Under Physics Law

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by rosethorne, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. rosethorne

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    Aug 13, 2005
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    Dear Gursikhs, I just want to give an Idea which is not new but now with a proof from Science.

    The news about Noble prize. Stockholm, 26th Oct, 1959. Two American Atomic scientists One named Dr.Amilo Segar born in ITALY age 69. Second was Dr. Owan chamberlin, born in sanfrancisco USA, Got the Noble for thier achievment on AntiProton. By which they succseeded
    in proving that every particle is present in two forms, one is partical and the other is antiparticle. This new concept revealed to the scientific world that The Principle of spiritual world of having Anti-World which is formed by Anti-Matter. First time in the recent science history was strucked by the Findings.
    In this Article there were resolutions below said.
    1. There is Anti-material, atom or particle present in this World which is reverse in characteristics of[Physics or Material]Atom.
    2. We have no knowledge of the second World which is other than our Material World.
    3. Anti-material World and Material World may in the specific time, can Destroy eachother.
    The spiritual World has always accepted the first two findinds but at the third resolution there is controversy. It is not in Science's limited power to describe. Because when a Scientist is finding any thing there is no question of going beyond the Physics law. And now surely without the knowledge of A system other than Physics how can it be described fully. That Anti-World is reverse of Physics Law. That is AKALPURAKH"S place. No one can challege to The Anti-World concept because the two scientists have got the Noble for it. Science is always on the knees on this question.
    These two scientists have discovered the concept of Anti-Proton but they were not able to go further because of there limitations. The simple concept is that if a Material is formed by atom then surely the Anti-Material is formed by the Anti-Atom. Every Matter is Made of the characteristics of physics to destroy itself in a certain time. And if Anti-Matter is reverse from that then it is sure that it is Never destroyable by any means. And Anything which is undestroyable is AKALPURAKH.
    Just like that we have soul in us Then the reverse is Paramatma, We can't see HIM with eyes but in reverse without eyes we are able to see HIM.
    Try to find in reverse of yourself and surely you will find HIM.
    Any person whois nonbelieving this concept then please let me know about.
    And any other idea about this concept, anyone is having then also let me know about.

    rwmklI mhlw 5 ] kwrn krn krIm ] srb pRiqpwl rhIm ] Alh AlK Apwr ] KuidKudwie vf bysumwr ]1] EuN nmo BgvMq gusweI ] Kwlku riv rihAw srb TweI ]1] rhwau ]
    jgMnwQ jgjIvn mwDo ] Bau BMjn ird mwih ArwDo ] irKIkys gopwl guoivMd ] pUrn srbqR
    mukMd ]2] imhrvwn maulw qUhI eyk ] pIr pYkWbr syK ] idlw kw mwlku kry hwku ] kurwn
    kqyb qy pwku ]3] nwrwiex nrhr dieAwl ] rmq rwm Gt Gt AwDwr ] bwsudyv bsq sB
    Twie ] lIlw ikCu lKI n jwie ]4] imhr dieAw kir krnYhwr ] Bgiq bMdgI dyih
    isrjxhwr ] khu nwnk guir Koey Brm ] eyko Alhu pwrbRhm ]5]34]45] {pMnw896}

    RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: He is the Doer, the Cause of causes, the bountiful Lord. The merciful Lord cherishes all. The Lord is unseen and infinite. God is great and endless. || 1 || I humbly pray to invoke the Universal Lord God, the Lord of the World. The Creator Lord is all-pervading, everywhere. || 1 || Pause || He is the Lord of the Universe, the Life of the World. Within your heart, worship and adore the Destroyer of fear. The Master Rishi of the senses, Lord of the World, Lord of the Universe. He is perfect, ever-present everywhere, the Liberator. || 2 || You are the One and only merciful Master, spiritual teacher, prophet, religious teacher. Master of hearts, Dispenser of justice, more sacred than the Koran and the Bible. || 3 || The Lord is powerful and merciful. The all-pervading Lord is the support of each and every heart. The luminous Lord dwells everywhere. His play cannot be known. || 4 || Be kind and compassionate to me, O Creator Lord. Bless me with devotion and meditation, O Lord Creator. Says Nanak, the Guru has rid me of doubt. The Muslim God Allah and the Hindu God Paarbrahm are one and the same. || 5 || 34 || 45 || {Page896}
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