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    "KAAL" "Span of Time" BC/AD Hrs/Min/Years/ Light Years
    "Akaal" (Unlimited or No boundary of Time)


    "Bhut Kaal" Past
    "Vartman Kaal" Present
    "Bhavish Kaal" Future

    Humans have imagination and experience of time.

    Beyond that imagination time clocks/ calendars were not formed.

    Natural cycles of rising sun, rising moon,
    were the only observations available to human mind.

    Human's mind created a new scientific frame for development of science

    And time limits were drawn and definition of past/ present and future.

    Experience is what one can hold of past

    "More back thought one can imagine oe expeience through imaginative sense"
    "More fore thought he can have"

    Once imaginative sense is evoked,
    one can focus his thought many light years back
    and hence forth he can foresee events
    and can experience

    "KAAL Cycle" or "Cycle of Time"

    and experience beyond that.

    One's "ACTIVE MIND" stays in time limit but

    one has stored experience since "Inception of life"

    As human birth is result of "Reproduction"

    There is only "Physical Death"

    but thought never dies

    And activating energy of thought

    "Light Never Dies" Astral Experience

    Production Energy

    "Air or Sound Never dies" (Subtle Experience)


    "Physical Mass" or "Atoms" never dies (Physical Experience)

    (Mass can neither be created nor be destroyed)

    It keeps on changing its form


    "Animated" which is human's experience


    "Unanimated" forms

    Human Life is also combination of light, sound and matter

    So in fact at root level there is no death but conversion of mass only

    Its only to "Human Experience"

    One feel's "Life" and "Death" with our "Physical Senses"

    and time span in one's life experience

    of modern man's life is say 100 Years

    Cross the imagination and move your thought forward and backward

    One can experience before hundred years and after hundred years

    through his imaginative sense to realize


    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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